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Posted 8/12/14
Right, so this is something that's been getting on my nerves.

Lately, I've been getting CAPTCHA's every few posts I make in a guestbook, whether it be mine or someone else's. This is annoying and inconvenient because I've got friends who constantly like to chat.

I know that CR has had a problem with spambots and "My relative made money at this website" type posts, and I understand that CR wants to stop these things. However, requiring a CAPTCHA input every few posts does seem a bit extreme to me.

Now, buying a premium membership does disable the CAPTCHA's, but not everyone can afford a premium membership due to various circumstances.

My suggestion would be to increase the number of posts that need to be made in a given amount of time in order to activate the CAPTCHA. For instance, if it takes 5 posts in two minutes to activate the CAPTCHA, why not increase it to 10?

That way, the spambots will get hit with it, but the talkative legitimate users would not.

If that's not an option, then how about CAPTCHA's that are more simple/less disorienting? Some examples of simpler CAPTCHA's are provided below.

I hope a moderator or CR employee can take a look at this, because this is getting annoying, and I hope that the CAPTCHA's will ease up.

Thank you.

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Posted 8/16/14
Back when I was a free member, I hated the captcha's too. The funny part about the captcha's is that they don't stop hardly anyone from spamming Guestbooks, threads, or Pm's. It's a pretty worthless feature.

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