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Posted 8/14/14 , edited 8/14/14
by Dai_Loli

About a year ago, I reviewed Senyu. There was a part in the review where I commended the show for having a more reasonable pace compared to the so-fast-I-can-barely-read-the-subtitles speed of recently released comedy shorts. I quickly regretted this since the first comment on the article was about how I was not-so-subtly dissing shows like Teekyu and Ai-Mai-Mi when I actually very much enjoy these as well!

*Flashes his two Ai-Mai-Mi t-shirts and wallet.*

As fate would have it, here I am, with the task of redeeming myself with a review for the sequel to one of these animes: Ai-Mai-Mi Mousou Catastrophe.

ya srsly

What Ai-Mai-Mi Mousou Catastrophe lacks in story, stunning animation and any sort of status quo, it makes up for in humor, energy and absurdness. One minute, the whole cast meets a bloody end eaten by a monster, the next, exotic animals are being casually licked and then we’re transported on the dark side of the Moon where Mi tells one-liners while urinating on the floor. There’s no telling where they’ll go next and you’re pulled along with the flow as every new skit is dumber than the last.

The OP itself, like last season’s (although it was the ED then), does a great job of getting across the sort of non-sense you’re about to witness: super-fast lyrics on catchy, high-energy j-rock with visuals spoofing an assortment of old school video game genres. Again, like last season’s, you’ll not even feel like skipping it because as soon as it starts you can’t bring yourself to not watch the whole thing anymore.


For those wondering, although there are a few inside jokes from the first season here and there, I doubt starting off with the second season is going to be a problem. I mean, to give you an idea of how little plot there is, the whole setting of the show is supposed to be about girls in a ‘manga club’, but the fact that any of the girls actually draw anything is seldom referred to and substituted by stuff like Ponoka frothing white bubbles on the floor and the other girls jumping into the foam because it looks fluffy and comfortable. Which is awesome.

While a lot of the humor is hit or miss, it at least rarely falls into obscure gags that will only be amusing if you get the reference and usually keeps things at face value and accessible. When the gags do hit the mark, though, they are hilarious. And whatever happens, you can be confident you will always leave every episode in a “what the hell did I just watch?” stupor and be compelled to load up the next episode for more.

If you can appreciate the sort of balls out randomness the anime offers and walk in without expecting every gag to be a masterpiece, you could do much worse than Ai-Mai-Mi Mousou Catastrophe for your comedy fix!

Ponoka yo!
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