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Posted 8/14/14 , edited 8/14/14
by Onymous

The Empire suffers under a corrupt government, the boy Emperor is merely a puppet manipulated by the evil Prime Minister Honest. Villages are starved by taxation, forcing their youth to travel to Capital to make money by enlisting in the military. The elite group of assassins, Night Raid, armed with magical weapons known as Imperial Arms, terrorize the political elite of the Empire. Living up to their name, they appear in the dead of night to murder corrupt officials to punish them for their crimes and aid the growing revolutionary faction.

The influx of new recruits has become so massive that the military has become extremely selective about enlistment and Tatsumi is struggling to find a way in. After learning of the endemic corruption and a chance encounter with Night Raid during a mission, he finds himself a recruit for the opposite side of the conflict.

Akame ga Kill! is, in a word, crazy. Although the themes of the two series are very different, Takahiro’s style is somewhat reminiscent of One Piece. His writing style is very devil-may-care in that he doesn’t seem to be afraid to include any ideas he wants then adapts the setting to include it. What originally seems like a standard fantasy setting suddenly includes guns, armored suits, sentient stuffed animals, catgirls, and dominatrix generals without ever feeling the need to justify a new addition.

Despite Night Raid’s colorful cast of members, Tatsumi and Akame stand out as unique even among the elite. It may be their mutual but very different naivete or the fact that they are both wearing school uniforms, but they seem as if they are the only truly safe characters. In what has become a hallmark theme of a violent collision of opposites, Tatsumi is an innocent idealist who has yet to obtain an Imperial Arm while Akame has been bred for combat and wields a sword from which even the smallest cut means certain death.

Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster. Thematically Akame ga Kill! seems determined to ambush you with its crazed pacing. Events can switch from light-hearted humor to darkness and death in a fraction of a second. It seems as if Takahiro’s objective was to keep viewers off-balance, prepared for their favorite character to get splattered against a wall mid-joke. The motto of the Night Raiders of being prepared for death at any moment seems to be directed at the viewers just as much as their own members.

Even the pacing is frenetic, mysteries are introduced and the foundation for new plot directions are laid almost continuously only for half of them to be suddenly resolved in what, I can only guess, is some form of literary Darwinism to find the ultimate plot. Each member of Night Raid has an angsty backstory which eventually led them to their work as a revolutionary and professional killer, many of which are hinted at periodically as the plot moves forward.

Enamored with his new allies, Tatsumi often wonders at what motivates the members of Night Raid and some of their backgrounds remain more mysterious than others. Akame’s past is obviously dark but promises to remain undisclosed for some time while Mine spontaneously decides to divulge all the details of her lurid past to Tatsumi the moment she detects a hint of his curiosity.

When you get right down to it, Akame ga Kill! is difficult to describe because it is so many things. Under normal circumstances I would use that as a criticism but, bizarrely, Takahiro has made it work. Rather the confining itself to a particular genre, theme, or idea, the impetus is on the viewer to roll with the punches and try to keep up. This is not the type of show you can play in the background as unexpected turns are simply par for the course and it will leave you behind from moment to moment.

If you don’t like surprises then, well, you’re no fun. If you like a bit of excitement then you are simply unprepared. Akame ga Kill! is the anime equivalent of base diving. Make sure you are buckled in because, at any moment, anything can happen.
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Posted 8/14/14 , edited 8/14/14
this show and manga.. is definitely worth the watch/read.
I'm hoping after the manga progresses their will be potential for another series further expanding upon the already planned to be adapted material.

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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Awesome read.

Indeed, there are a lot of out-field pitches in this particular show, but the show's pacing is definitely rushed to a fault. I personally liked the mix between comedy and violence, and the classic shounen formula that fules this particular work is encrusted with the typical theme of a virtuous protagonist against a corrupt society. Some say that might be passe, but trust me - watching Akame ga Kill renews that old motif and tops it off with a good drizzle of blood and sinew.

Here's to hoping that the series rounds out the edges and provides a palatable finale.
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Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/19/14
Great review!

Akame ga Kill is a great series. It tells a very interesting story, with a likable cast, and some awesome action and brutality. I'm a big fan of the manga and the anime has been doing a great job adapting it so far. Though, they better not try to gimp some of the more gruesome scenes because this series can get ridiculously disturbing at times, but that's what makes it great.
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Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/20/14
This anime is incredible.
It's everything + some.
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Posted 8/20/14 , edited 8/20/14
Akame ga Kill is my top anime. incredible fighting scene, the plot is wonderful. 10/10 in my book, It was love at first sight.
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Posted 8/20/14 , edited 8/20/14
Akame ga kill is the one of the best anime's to date. It's a breath of fresh air
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