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Posted 8/14/14
by hanachan

Shoujo titles have really been getting prime anime treatment lately, and Blue Spring Ride is definitely no exception. It's got it all: gorgeous animation and character designs, excellent music, a sweet and refreshing story, and a nice mixture of emotional pain and comedic relief that really brings to life the relationships between characters.

The series begins with a flashback to junior high main characters, Yoshioka Futaba and Tanaka Kou, meeting up at a neighborhood shrine to shelter from the rain. Thus begins their gentle love story. Unfortunately, it ends when a misunderstanding and Kou's sudden school transfer abruptly part them. By first year of high school, sweet and soft-spoken Futaba has completely changed her personality after being ostracized by all the girls in her class for being cute and inadvertently attracting boys. Current Futaba is as un-girly as possible, and takes pride in ruining guys' image of her whenever she can. Personally, I don't understand why laughing loudly and eating a lot is necessarily a bad thing, but I guess the guys there are dumb? It seems to work though, and Futaba has two close friends and is content with how things are, though she occasionally still regrets what happened in junior high.

Futaba and Kou meet again and it turns out they've been going to the same high school since Kou's parents got divorced and he moved back. Tanaka Kou is now Mabuchi Kou, and along with the name change, his personality has also had a dramatic reversal and he is now cold and sarcastic, though, underneath it all, still kind. He immediately tells Futaba that the past is the past and they can’t go back to how they felt about each other, but somehow a bond between them persists. Kou recognizes that Futaba's new friends are bitchy fake friends who only like her because she's no threat to them. His (rude) words help her to realize that it's not worth having friends if they're like that, and she breaks ties. So they kind of start at rock bottom with Futaba alone again and Kou with emotional problems he won't discuss. Luckily, new characters are quickly introduced and soon the two relative loners are part of a close-knit group of five friends who all get their own development. The emo goes away and is briskly replaced by a nice upswing of friendship and more. Really, it's not about fitting in with the people you're around, but finding the people you naturally fit with.

The art and animation in this series are seriously top-notch, I mean, it is done by Production I.G. The opening scene and all flashbacks are done in a beautiful water-color-esque style that I kind of wish the whole series was in. But the regular art is really nice too. It's clean and backgrounds are well drawn. The character designs bring the manga to life without dramatically changing the mangaka's original feeling. The animation style is awesome at expressing movement and emotion, which makes Blue Spring Ride stand out from the pack of often one-dimensional series out there. One of the first things that really excited me about the series were the lively opening and endings, which have great songs and animation.

Shoujo-lovers rejoice! We've got another definite winner here, and it should only get better. If you like school romance/friendship series like Kimi ni Todoke, Say I Love You, My Little Monster, etc. you should definitely check out Blue Spring Ride. And seriously, even if you don't you should give it a try. With shoujo you never know what circumstance or emotion you might end up identifying with, and this particular series has really likeable characters and a fairly realistic plot. Make sure to look forward to new episodes every Monday at 11:30am PDT!

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Posted 8/18/14
Definatly something new for shoujo lovers to watch
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Posted 8/18/14
Superb! Love the story and animation. This anime makes me cry and laugh in the same episode! Doesn't matter if I'm a boy, this show grows on everyone. ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ
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Posted 8/21/14
When I saw this show, I knew that there had to be a manga for it. When I read the manga every month, surprisingly, it makes me want to see how it will be animated. Only a few shoujo series have made me feel that way
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Posted 8/22/14
One of the good shoujo manga thus far. Every episode makes me fall deeper for Kou >.<
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