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Post Reply New Roku Update!
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100 / luftballons
Posted 8/21/14 , edited 8/22/14

UrorFan70 wrote:

In case anyone from CR is paying attention, I wanted to reiterate what some of my fellow posters feel about the new app. This is only from pages 30-34 of this conversation:


Interesting coincidence. I have almost identical material from the first ten pages. Basically distilled user anger, in alphabetical order. I put it together yesterday, but I never got around to posting it because I was going to do the rest of the thread. At this point, what the hey, I'll post what I have...

I feel like I've been thrown into a Beta test that I hadn't signed up for.

The UI on this new app is an overcomplicated slow pain in the butt!!!

What the heck is going on with this update's navigation?

I want the old app back.

Wow. The new Crunchyroll app for Roku is unusable. It is appearing very little testing was done.

It seems the queue has become easier to use, but less useful...

I usually don't post on forums, especially if there's a lot of negativity, but this update is terrible.

A great Roku app is what made me fall in love with CR, without it I feel like I might as well cancel when my membership is up in December and just go with Hulu

This works horribly on the roku 3. Please roll this back. It's totally counter intuitive

Feels like we went backwards instead of forwards on this update

Total fail

This is pretty much awful.

I HATE this was really a huge downgrade, and super NOT user friendly.

I will have to agree with everyone else here.

Honestly played with the new app for the last hour and I don't like it. ... Please change it back.

Totally broken. ... How could it seriously be meant to work this way. Was QA done by reviewing a series of still photos of the interface?

This update is really bad. ... Time to retire the Roku app until CR gets their act together on app creation. >:( /!\

Give me the old app back. ... Really hate the UI. HD isn't worth the trade off. It looked fine before.

Looks pretty but the experience is just awful, is there a way I can go back?

If the experience is going to become unpleasant and uncomfortable, there will be no reason to continue to [pay for premium].

New version sucks - I wish I could go back.

Unfortunately, just like everyone else I don't like the new app

Not a fan so far.

I'm curious how this passed any actual end-user or beta testing... -_- ... Please restore the old UI.

TWO WORDS: HATE IT, give us a chose to go back to the old CR UI.

Please make it work again. The old interface had some problems but not as bad as this.

It's pretty user unfriendly. I really adore CR and the Roku app prior to the upgrade. Please, please, please fix the same things everyone keeps fussing about in this thread.

crunchroll roku update now FAIL ... will CR make a zip of the old app available so I can sideload it?

disappointed in CR picking style over substance. Return the old app until this one works properly!

Does anyone know if there is a way to go back to the previous version? I really prefered d the simpler design of the original.

Huge downgrade, very disappointing. >:(

This update is pretty awful. Did anyone at CR actually test it on a Roku?

ARGH! ... Roll it back! Roll it back!

The HD videos isn't worth the trade off of having to use the PlayStation UI......

And here I was thinking I would be the only being a bit negative about the update.

This update is a giant disappointment!!!! Please give us back the old interface. Your paying customer deserve more respect then you've shown with this update.

I was initially really excited about this update and immediately went to install it. But it is the worst and I really wish I could go back to the older version of it.

Are we going to be refunded half of our monthly fees because the app is now twice as hard to use?

Why CR? Why would you go ahead and do something so cruel? :'(


While I am happy for HD videos, I have to state.. I hate the new design. ... I really hope you guys go back to the old roku design

I feel like in the upgrade I'm going to lose more things that I like, than gain features I will like. :(

I hate the new update. The old one was ten times better.

Not a fan of the new app the old one work just fine. I might have to cancel my paid subscription.

This is the worst upgrade ever. Extremely lame interface

Not a happy camper.

I have to agree with the many other posters about the changes.

How is this an improvement? Can we use the old app? lol

We despise the update. It looks slick, but is completely unfunctional and not at all user friendly.

Re-rated via Roku down to 1 Star.

So not happy with the update

This update is extremely disappointing. ... The update may look prettier, but it is not user friendly.

This update is a FAIL. Please roll it back to the old app until you fix this one.

This new update is horrible. I'm a paying customer. Please make it go back to the old version.

Apart from a nicer looking UI, this is a huge step back.

An update to a ruku channel that actually removes very useful features makes no sense at all. Bad job Crunchyroll.

This is is actually a test: Please mention the word, "sasquatch," Ms. Product Manager, to prove you read these.

Please change it back. This update is horrible

Pros: Picture is clear. Cons: everything else. ... It's like this was designed by a drunken chimp.

Too bad. I really kinda liked the old interface even though playback was SD only.

Please put the old app back or at least make an option to access both CR apps. The previous app worked great and it was my favorite experience from an app on the Roku. Now I am investigating other means to watch my anime.

I really dislike the new version of the app, ... The layout looks fine, but please bring back the old options.

Major Fail. Time to go watch Funimation again.

Failure to fully understand the implications of this change is a serious omission in the testing and development process. It would not be tolerated in most other businesses.

If the developers [can't fix the issues], please allow a way that app on the ROKU can be rolled back.

not at all crazy about the new update

Please give the old app back. ... great try but return to the drawing board, or look at Netflix or Hulu for atleast a workable interface.

Another vote the previous version. The new layout is just horrid for reasons already mentioned .

this update is just broken they need to fix the queue interface to the way of last update it was much easier

This update is really disappointing. I would much rather have the old app back.

Did anybody actually try using this before pushing it live? The queue is completely worthless and impossible to use.

this really is not something I am happy about.

Looks pretty, but I find it hard to use. I really don't like how I didn't have a choice in the upgrade. ... I going to have review my options here.

Old app worked great. Why change it? It was actually my favorite device to watch CR on... :(

The new version on the roku is the definition of bad.

I'm not a complete fan of the new update

The new update is visually nice, but the loss of functionality is a killer. Please roll it back until the update is more usable!

Jesus. The picture looks great, but everything else is awful. ... if this app doesn't improve/roll back within the next month, I'm just gonna cancel. Way too inconvenient.

I'm not very fond of the new update. ... I could only stand watching a few episodes before I gave up and started watching some other Roku channel.

hate the new app!!

for some reason this new app really piss me off

I hate this update too. I'd like the old functionality back.
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Posted 8/21/14
So in my work experience I have worked for some very large companies. Best Buy, Compaq, Radio Shack ect ect ect..... In all of my corporate experience that "reply" was just as every one of us stated, BULL SH!T. We can write direct to our dear manger so this is what I angrily wrote as friendly and cleanly as my fingers would let me.....

I'm sorry but this is not an acceptable response. If my employees took as long to respond and so poorly considering the customer upset, I would seriously consider firing those individuals. I understand that from a corporate/legal response this is well and good/expected. The app is flawed in almost every function and you honestly need to apologize to your customers. I spoke to a friend who works for Roku and they have been hit with a shit storm of complaints due to the update. Not only has this update affected your customer relations but Roku is even unhappy with Crunchyroll at this point. The app is so bad you are costing Roku money in answering all the emails and live trouble shooting. The fact that Crunchyroll hasn't acknowledged this error and made appropriate responses in forum and the app screams "We are going to do what we want and everyone can be damned who doesn't like it." I hope all of the right people are involved to get this fixed. So far everyone's hope is like a pig with wings, non existent. I hope I'm wrong but so far the PR has proven the right people are not in the loop. Please do what needs to be done. And we all know that isn't making fixes as fast as you can until the app is somewhat close to what it was. Rollback and offer people the opportunity to beta test the new app till it works well.

Respond to her user name and make her feel the anger she ramped up even further.
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31 / M / UK - Yorkshire
Posted 8/22/14
When is CR coming to PS4? I cannae wait any longerrr
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50 / M / Side 6
Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14

yantingli wrote:
Although we do not intend to roll back to the old app, we will continuously make updates to the current Roku app to improve the user experience. As a first step, we are already working on resolving the following issues:

- Improve the queue experience


Totally awesome, thank you! ^_^
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Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14

Wow, I saw this on the front page and I'm glad I skipped to the end. I was actually going to buy a Roku specifically to watch CR on in another room. I have a few questions as there's 30+ pages of content.

A: Is the Roku 1 (the model I was going to buy) badly affected?>

I have a Roku 1, purchased new in 2013 to watch Crunchyroll.

The Roku 1 will not display video reliably. Any shows that it plays (largely simulcast) will have horizontal static lines all over the place.

Other shows are hit and miss. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it goes blank, sometimes it plays fine, and sometimes it gives you a please check your connection message.

As it stands, the only Roku you should be looking at is a late model 2 or a 3. But why bother? Just use it on a console. The UI advantages to using a Roku went out the door with this update.
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28 / M / St. Louis MO
Posted 8/22/14
Nice! Thanks CR!
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Posted 8/22/14
Been a week now still no access to shows on now tv box and no feedback on time line for fixing this any chance of an update on getting it done please
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32 / M
Posted 8/22/14

iatheia wrote:

Not going to roll back. I get not wanting to mess up with the version numbers. But would it at least be possible to set up a private channel with an old UI for the time being until we have a working app?
Also, I'm not going to pretend I didn't notice an extension of the timeframe. Bjaker said previously that the first fixes will be out this week. Now it is a next couple of weeks. What is it going to turn into, months?

Hah, considering how many times they said this Roku update would launch "soon" and then taking over a year since I started keeping track I wouldn't get my hopes up on much happening with this Roku app anytime soon. It's funny, I was really happy to finally get HD Crunchyroll on Roku, but they had to go and make really obvious mistakes with the UI. How hard is it to try something out and realize, "hey, you know what? This isn't nearly as nice as the old UI."
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Posted 8/22/14
I was on the fence about canceling, but that corporate-speak non-post finally convinced me. CR truly no longer cares about their users. Sad.

Premium member 2009-2014
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M / Canada
Posted 8/22/14
Premium member since 2011. Subscription ends September 2014. NOT RENEWING!!!
CR used to be good. Got bought by a big company and now they've become hard headed and stubborn and doesn't care about their customers anymore.
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14

neojoot wrote:

When is CR coming to PS4? I cannae wait any longerrr

CR is already on PS4


(But not in UK maybe?)
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M / Canada
Posted 8/22/14
I'm surprised the project manager didn't get fire yet! Maybe the higher ups are not aware. Maybe we should contact Chernin Group directly and let them know how pissed we are and how much money they will lose because some idiots didn't do their job correctly.
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31 / M / UK - Yorkshire
Posted 8/22/14
Nah it's not on the UK psn store this saddens me greatly
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M / Canada
Posted 8/22/14
Peter Chernin is the chairman and CEO of the company.
Contact him via twitter
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37 / M / San Francisco
Posted 8/22/14

Just want to clear up confusion... Chernin group did not 'buy' us, they made an investment. Peter is the head of the Chernin Group, he is not the CEO of Crunchyroll.

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