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Posted 8/14/14
Firstly, the good points:

Obviously, the HD is rather nice. Suddenly watching shows doesn't take a quality nosedive just because I am watching a different device. Which was often my biggest bugbear. Along with the previous lack of ability to pick up watching from where I left off in another room, which has also now been added and is very useful.

Sadly, this is counterbalanced by a few definite drawbacks. Although ones I'm sure won't take a long to fix, as future releases with be minor tweaks not a complete rewrite.

I think, personally, the main flaw is the inability to choose which episode you are trying to watch from a series. Similarly, the lack of "go back to beginning" is a bit of a pain. Using the same basic app layout as the PS3 is all well and good, but trying to emulate the same functionality on a system with a much more minimal controller means that key features like these are missing. (I don't even like the PS3's lack of choice to start from the beginning of the episode, but at east the chapter-back button allows a quick way to restart)

The main issue that you can't get around, though, it that this really REALLY needed to come out a year ago. bought an AppleTV just to get a reliable secondary CR box. And although the Roku will still switch into the living room when i change which console is my primary (as the Xbox app still sucks, i need something when the PS3 isn't in there), I'm currently on a major PS3 gaming kick so my best CR box isn't likely to leave the main TV any time soon.

I am going to use my Roku as a portable CR device when visiting anime-loving people. As it has its own portable router I use for it (because... network reasons). But, again, without the ability to choose a specific episode this also goes down in usablity.

All in all, a positive start. The pain (and overly long delay) in getting a rebuilt app out is over and done. Anything else is, hopefully, minor tweaks that are less likely to take an age to get approved. But smoothing over these issues should probably be a really high priority, as people have been waiting over a year forthis and these ar a few showstoppers in the mix.
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