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Post Reply Roku 2.0 - Help us Improve
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Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/18/14
I have an older roku model and have also lost the ability to navigate episodes. That is a major testing fail and we should have been given some sort of notice if a new release was going to break functionality. I also did not appreciate being told that I needed to come to a forum to get technical help due to this issue. I understand wanting to keep all the feedback in one place but this a technical issue and should be handled that way. I am a paying customer so I want to know my issue is being tracked and a fix is in the works in the near future of days, not in months as you get to your next release.

In addition to the navigation issue, all the previews for the shows in my queue are extremely pixelated. Having to press the play button to navigate back to the menu is extra work. With the limitations of the remote, everything needs to be very simple. During playback, while the image was very crisp and clean, I had to hold the rewind button in order to go back. As soon as i lifted up off the button, rewind stoppes. Previously I could determine rewind speed and simply tap the key to go backwards. Or forward speed.

Also, scrolling through the queue takes forever because the preview images are so huge. I preferred the ease of quickly flipping through the queue with small images of the promo shot for the series. Since I can't actually browse the episodes for a series, I can't comment on how that works. Its very frustrating, because the only reason I have this service is so I can watch the shows through my roku.
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Posted 8/15/14

1. Time near end of episode - Currently being addressed.
2. If you exit an episode mid show and then resume later you will be shown an advertisement and then it will resume where you left off. This mimics the web experience.
3. I don't understand what you're getting at here. Can you elaborate further.

Also, can you tell me if it is always the same preroll or if it is showing different advertisements?

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M / Seattle
Posted 8/15/14
Sometimes when I pause and restart a video I have to unplug and replug in the headphones. That never happened before.
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Posted 8/15/14
Same problem! It worked great before, but now after I open the app I can only go through "My Queue" and "History". I can't get to the top buttons anymore with my roku remote. It's the older version as well.
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Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/16/14
  • Queue. Queue is everything. It was mentioned many times and bears repeating. Accessing the entire show and ability to edit the queue. It actually updating after you watch an episode. These sort of things
  • Interface is very much not intuitive. Pressing play button to bring up menu? I would have thought that it would signal play instead...
  • Multi-season series. No indication of how to access earlier seasons. I liked how it was visible that there is stuff above/below to scroll to
  • Option to start an episode from the beginning. And frame fast forwarding in addition to fast fast forwarding.
  • Icons for the episodes are too big. Seeing only 2.5 fully is kind of on the low side. Old size was better. Space is also poorly managed. A giant gray bit on the top left and bottom looks wasted. Icons for series look mildly better because there is more of them per screen and they occupy a larger portion of it, but, not by much.
  • That being said, with a vertical panel, having horizontal scrolling is inorganic, especially when you are seeing stuff behind the panel. With that panel, a better option would be a grid view, the way roku home screen is, or list view, the way settings screen is (selection of text with the images being updated to the side of the list). And the panel as is, is rather useless, having just 1-5 options. Conflating everything in there rather than scattering options all around would be best. Again, look at the roku home screen collapsable side panel with its tree navigation.
  • Description of pretty much everything is cut off. At least before we had an episode page where it was fully readable...
  • Font could be bigger?
  • Screensaver? I can barely tell if my tv is on now half the time.
  • Sound for when the buttons are pressed/animated transition transition
  • Genre selection. For the time when one doesn't feel like browsing the entire library.

But, just saying, CR used to be probably the best channel on Roku in terms of design and functionality.
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48 / M / Glasgow
Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/15/14
search page just hangs after search cant select series home button on remote takes you to roku main page eventually but now I need to reboot roku before crunchyroll app will try to connect so far 30 mins trying to connect to watch 60 mins (3 episodes) of anime on roku
If I do a complete clean (uninstall app reboot roku install app activate to account exit app as it wont play anything but the queue reboot roku) then it will eventually let me into anime and I can search through there for series and episode but even then stops between 16-18 mins on the episode plus point I did get to watch 2 episodes.
This app is almost as bad as android version but at least it can connect to service
netflix works on 1080p almost instantly even with 20mb/s and 30mb/s downloads running
this app cant connect on a clear network

roku 3 wired
120mb fibre connection
not on clear network had work so 50gb dl happening


Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =

ping -c 4
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=56 time=822 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=56 time=123 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=56 time=617 ms
64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=56 time=101 ms
--- ping statistics ---
4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3003ms
rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 101.449/416.107/822.309/312.315 ms

traceroute to (, 64 hops max
1 8.925ms * *
2 313.970ms * *
3 590.113ms * *
4 1242.465ms * *
5 38.922ms * *
6 39.141ms * *
7 * * *
and so on until died on 64 hop

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Posted 8/15/14
I always used the OK button to pause/play. I keep pressing it and nothing happens
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27 / M
Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/15/14
I know people are saying there's multiple pre-roll ads, but thats not what I'm asking about. With the old app there was 1 pre-roll ad per episode ( or if you exited and resumed playing another one would play), and that was it for the episode. Are we now supposed to have like 4-5 per episode? (something like pre-roll, after the OP, midway, before the ED, + maybe another one i forgot?) seems not worth using anymore :/ when watching is interrupted every 3-5 minutes.

Edit: I linked my account to the app and tried playing an episode... got 6 preroll ads in a row...
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27 / M
Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/22/14

holisticmonkey wrote[Comprehensive list of reasons why this update was so terrible]

That's what I've got so far. I haven't been able to use it enough to get a complete sense of the rough edges.

THIS. All of this, so much this. Seriously, take all the problems listed in this original post, add them to your list again, and just assign them to my name as well. I don't know what the people who developed this were thinking, but there is not a chance on this green earth that you could convince me that these people have ever used a Roku, and you'd have a tough time even convincing me they had even looked at photos of a Roku controller. Literally the only reason I started paying for Crunchyroll was to use my Roku to watch ad free anime on my home television. Now that you've ruined the app I am STRUGGLING to find a reason not to stop payment. In fact my next action is going to be checking on getting a refund of this month's payment.

Also, I would like to meet the person who decided we no longer should have the right to choose which episode we want to watch. I don't even want to watch an episode out of order, for god's sake, I just want to watch the next episode without having to sit through the damn credits.
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47 / F / Michigan
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

wolfhowl360 wrote:

Long time paid subscriber here. I understand you want to improve the new app, and I think everyone has given a ton of useful feedback and suggestions. However, it's going to take time to implement those features and bug fixes.

In the meantime please let us revert to using the original app which was already great. The current app is hardly useable for a day, let alone waiting for an entire development and release cycle.

I agree with this, please consider bringing back the original ap until some more bugs are worked out, this is really almost a non-functioning ap for me anymore. Anime watching should be enjoyable, not frustrating.
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47 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
I realize much of this has probably been posted before (and I'm quoting previous posts in some of this.). I also realize the devs have probably put in a lot of work on the new app. Having said all that, I hate the new app and here are some reasons why:

A) I hate that I can no longer access the full list of shows for a series from my queue.

B) There is not a "play from start" choice for each episode.

C) The frame skips from the old app are gone

D) It's confusing to use the play button to navigate to the main menu. Feels like a bad design decision. I've never seen anything like that on the Roku before.

E) I have no idea what the video quality is or how to select it (if that's even possible.)

F) My queue listing doesn't loop. I.E. I can't go from the item 1 to item 25 by simply going left once. Yes I figured out the << and >> buttons but that's very un-Roku-esque. (See item D above.)

G) At the end of an episode (I believe it was the latest Rokujyoma ep), the screen went black and...did nothing for at least 5 minutes. I had to use the Roku's home button to get it to do anything.

H) Still no improvement on the "Coming Soon" aspect. I.E. I don't know how long 'til the next episode of a simulcast show.

I) I didn't see a "subtitles on/off" option. I know others requested that in the past.

J) Still only can watch Anime and Drama. No Pop viewing available.

*EDIT* Thinking on it a bit after I posted this originally, I can't think of anything in the new app that is better than the old app. (Other than video quality, which my eyes are not astute enough to detect unless I have a side-by-side comparison.) Really it seems like all the nice features of the old app have been stripped out and there's nothing to make up for them. I thought I'd never say this, but the Funimation app is now more usable than Crunchyroll's.

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27 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
HAHAHA Oh wow. I just tried to use this mess of an app to navigate to Anime in the main menu, thinking perhaps that would provide a loophole for the inability to choose which episode of a given series to watch. Now I'm stuck here (except for the Home button closing the Roku app, obviously). There is NO way I can discern to open the main menu back up. Hit play? That opens whichever anime series happens to be selected. Hit OK? Same damn thing. You guys literally didn't test this at all before you released it, did you?

I really don't want to cancel my subscription, believe it or not. For a time the crunchyroll app made watching anime an easy and pleasant experience. That time is over, and given how long I've seen it take for companies to undo the their ruining of their own app, that time is not coming back in the foreseeable future.
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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Alright folks. You honestly need to revert back to the old app. It worked seamlessly and was a breeze to navigate. Do all of us a favor and return to the old layout. An update of HD as an option should have been the first and most cost effective choice when someone brought up changing the app.

I like seeing the old lay out of multiple thumbnails at once. Having just 3 TN on the screen at a time is limiting. Searching for new shows shouldnt feel like I have to see every show before I see something I want.
My Que needs to be changed back to the original layout. Cover art, not screen shots. Ability to navigate and when and where to start the show.
Fast forward needs to have the images back.
Return the A-Z feature to the old format. If I want to see selections that start with M I dont want to have to watch the text on the screen changing to see where I am. LAME!
Genres- Where the HELL did those go? Sure there was many, many, many, repeats of the same shows across multiple genres but they were more helpful then this lack of an update.
Give us an option to roll back to the previous version while you work on the many issues that we as customers EXTREMELY "dislike".

Honestly the current format feels like Im trying to use the app on my antique 2010 EVO first gen sorta smart phone. Clunky, buggy, cumbersome and extremely frustrating to use. Its obvious that your customers are unhappy on far too many aspects to even leave this up as it is while you work on it. REVERT BACK TO THE PREVIOUS ITERATION. Its easier than trying to get customers to come back after a bad, bad experience.

If its not broke dont throw it down the stairs and then set it on fire, then piss on it to give you an opportunity to fix it.
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40 / M / Surrey, UK
Posted 8/16/14
Roku LT, Premium User.
Also, I have a PS3 so that gives me a slightly different perspective from people who I can only guess are Roku-only.

I like that you seem to be standardising on one app style across multiple TV platforms where possible. Having one consistent view regardless of which box you are using at the time is a good thing. plus it gives a definite sense of This Is Crunchyroll. Finally having HD and the ability to resume where I left off on another device is an absolute necessity for me and I am glad they are finally here.

Sadly this brings with it a few drawbacks. Some are Roku-specific and some are common to this app style. The lack of the "More Options" button ) for selecting episodes, etc) is a dealbreaker. You can't browse between different episodes of a show in your queue. And once it comes up as "Available Soon" you can't easily rewatch the previous episode.

Using the Star Key for this seems like the most natural option. And having the Play/Pause button as a Main Menu button is a bit of an odd shift. Personally, I think it should be the top menu above My Queue. And maybe bring that across all apps.

A common issue shared with the PS3 (and I assume other apps in this style) is the inability to choose whether to restart an episode or resume from where you left off. This really is something it is nice to be able to choose.

Same for the lack of Genre search. I never noticed its lack in the PS3 before, as I tend to genre search on the web rather than the TV. But for anyone who works purely from their TV app, this is a real loss.

Not much else to comment right now. I haven't had time to do more than just check out the menu but I will use it in anger a bit over the weekend and see what else ai can turn up.
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103 / F / UK
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 4/9/16
Sorry if I repeat myself but got a headache from trying to use the new channel! Also not particularly brilliant at explaining/describing things. I want to find the nearest wall & walk straight into it, it'll hurt less. I've never felt such immense hate towards any specific update!

Seriously! Worst update in the history of the universe! Did anyone actually test this monstrosity with users before it got rolled out??? Just yesterday I was saying how much I enjoyed using the Crunchyroll Roku channel, being easy & very user-friendly.

Info: We use the Roku 3 on an HD 720p LCD Samsung. Premium user. We don't use the PS3 to watch stuff. Mostly because it's too noisy. Main reason we got a Roku.

The Roku is a Roku, PS3 is a PS3, tailor your channels/apps to the device it's used on please! What may work on the PS3 does not necessarily translate well over to the Roku.

Good point. HD. Woop! Yeah that's it! 1 single good point. Well done Crunchyroll. Good on you for taking about 10 million steps backwards! When you can find more bad stuff than good stuff it's not a step in the right direction.

Now it's a giant bogged down mess; clogged up with counter-intuitive navigation!


On old channel: Wish to re-watch Uta no Prince. Scroll easily to genre, find it, open "folder", voila done. Probably a couple of seconds max.

New channel: Have to use search, what, where is season 1? Shows me season 2 first. Ok. Mess around about bit, get too confused, pass to husband who finally works out that season 1 is below season 2. Oh right! Took several minutes at the very least. Without husband would have probably gone something more like this: Can't find it, give up! Nothing is clear. Makes no sense, gives me headache. Give up on life, fling Roku out of window & go watch it by some other method!

In no particular order & will keep adding as I find new stuff. Some stuff may exist but finding it has been hard work or impossible:

- Browsing by genre, where is it gone? Why would you even remove such a feature!!! (Ok edit: Can search by genre but not really easy to find how & doesn't seem to work very well. Not getting any results most of the time. Or something along the lines of: "Queery cannot be blank! So what? That means we can't just browse then? Defeats the purpose then. Took a while to figure out. It shouldn't.
- Browsing by scrolling trough genres with the images was great & easy.
- Being able to easily see what episode & what part of that episode I was watching was great. Showing exactly where I had stopped! Thus being able to pick easily.
- Still no access to Pop.
- Being able to see how many titles were available by genre was great too.
- The button choices are counter-intuitive & frustrating! Press this button, to press that button to get to this thing. Why?
- The menu buttons at the bottom, there seems to be 1 button that serves 2 functions, this is hideously confusing! It scrolls through seasons & also works as a back button.
- It's definitely geared towards simulcasts over anything else. What about us marathoners & those who like to watch past season shows???
- It seems slower that before especially at load-in.
- Black screen when idle. Well that was confusing!
- No restart episode from beginning option.
- The back button on the remote doesn't seem to do much anymore in some parts other than take you off info. I'm sure I could get out of things with it before!
- How do we remove a series from our queue?
- Episodes seem to be in random order on some documentaries.
- Episode list, where?
- The seek button again is weirdly assigned & really difficult to use now. That's one feature I loved before.
- No more thumbnail images when seeking. Near impossible to skip the opening easily & ending to get to the tidbits right a the very end of a series.
- The pause bar is completely in the way!
- The way it looks is unattractive & it's really hard to navigate.
- Those top icons, what is the point! Complete waste of space & pointless. At first I was button smashing for ages to try to get to them, ten finally my husband figured out they were just icons indicating your main menu selection.

- Not sure if this counts but "Behind the smoke season 1" has the same episode twice but named differently.

Ease of use was basically what made Crunchyroll enjoyable on the Roku. The fact the Channel was easy & very simple to navigate. This is just headache-inducing. So you want me to have a degree to learn how to use the new channel! Not a relaxing experience... :(

The previous channel suited the Roku near perfectly. A few minor tweaks & it would have been 100%. This channel is not tailored to Roku use at all.

Please please please consider re-vamping this mess! Preferably reverting while you re-vamp.
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