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Post Reply Roku 2.0 - Help us Improve
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41 / M / Surrey, UK
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

cypher_1902 wrote:

Alright folks. You honestly need to revert back to the old app. It worked seamlessly and was a breeze to navigate. Do all of us a favor and return to the old layout. An update of HD as an option should have been the first and most cost effective choice when someone brought up changing the app.

I don't think "Just add HD" was ever an option. Or, at least, it would have still required doing a significant rewrite of the app just to keep it looking the same. Believe it or not "Start from scratch" can often be the best way to implement new features into a system. As opposed to trying to kludge in new functionality into something that wasn't originally designed for it. I appreciate that ths isn't the preferred method for end-users but, as some who works in IT, starting over is often a much better way of adding in new functions and designing in expandability.

From what I gleaned from other discussions about this update over the past year, whilst it was in development, I think the Roku app was pretty much the only app still using a different streaming style (and possibly different CDN) than the other set top platforms. I don't know whether the old ones were incapable of the HD video or not. But having one "Odd Man Out" platform Desnt really make sense from an infrastructure point of view.
So at the very least, bringing this into line with the rest of their platforms would make sense. At this point, it is a major rewrite anyway. And a common thing that a lot of media apps do when doing a major version change is to keep a consistent view between their different apps.
Granted, often with a few platform-specific tweaks -which I think the CR App could benefit from.
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33 / M / US
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

TheAncientOne wrote:

To keep is simple, I'm listing only 3 suggestions, in order of priority.

1. Ability to select other episodes of a series in the queue.

2. Ability to restart an episode from the beginning without having to rewind.

3. More intuitive menu access. If it isn't easy to recode the system to allow one to simply up arrow to the menu (and then right and left for options), then at least add a "bonk" noise to alert the user "You can't go there", and display text reminding the user to use the play/pause button to access the menu.

Just going to quote TheAncientOne since he nailed the important things my friend and I were complaining about with this update, while trying to figure out how to watch our shows.

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100 / luftballons
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/18/14
My biggest complaint is that it is abundantly clear that no one who developed the app actually uses it, or else they would never have made anyone else use it:

- App lost my activation for no good reason
- App insisted I activate it
- Re-activated as instructed
- App insisted I still needed to activate
- Re-activated as instructed, told code is now invalid
- Asked app for another code
- App ignored me and kept showing the same code
- Exited app, restarted app
- App still insists I activate the invalid code
- Try to get to settings
- How the hell do I get to those icons on the top?
- 3 min later, finally discover see the "|> Main Menu" in the corner ... OH, HOW INTUITIVE ... it's not the current location, it's directions!
- Enter settings, app says no one is logged in, and to re-activ... OH **** THIS.
- Exited the app
- Deleted the app
- Re-installed the app
- App insisted again that I activate, but at least with a new code
- Activated again
- App finally worked

...wait, no...

- App won't play videos
- Click play on any video, app shows a menu... wait, what?
- Oh right, the "Press Play for a Menu" business. I'm not supposed to press Play to play.
- Oh, there, it says "[OK] Select" ... to play the video ... OH, HOW INTUITIVE.
- Press OK.
- Oh, it's going straight to the "current" video... I can't pick an episode or restart? WTF
- time passes
- "Couldn't Play Video" / "Please check your connection/account and try again."

Well, I've tried again for 15 minutes with the same results.

This **** all worked yesterday. It's not me.


I should point out that I'm a senior software engineer with about 20 years of experience working with stuff exactly like this. I'm qualified to criticize. But so is everyone else, because they're the ones stuck with it. This is a total pile of steaming crap and you guys should be ashamed for dumping it on us. It's just horrible. The existing app was fine. Why on earth did you ram this garbage down our throats? What genius decided to fix what wasn't broken with something that wasn't even properly assembled?

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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
The icons at the top were taunting me. I couldn't figure out how to access it Press play....sigh
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43 / M / Tampa FL, USA
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Things that I feel need to be changed:

1) Option to restart videos from beginning -- I use this all the time to re-watch series I have already seen.

2) Automatically show the next video in a series (in the Que) after you finish a episode. Alternately having the Que take you to an intermediate series episodes listing would be fine.

3) It would be nice to be able to set the video quality in the app, or have the app respect the video quality settings from your profile here at Crunchyroll -- I have a slower connection and I find that I have to pause a show for about 10 minutes to let the episode buffer before I can watch a full episode uninterrupted. I like the picture quality of HD, but I would rather watch a show sooner than wait for better quality.
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41 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
I am all for updated tech, but this app has forgotten the basic tennants of any successful interface. KEEP IT SIMPLE and INTUTIVE.

There are things that are pluses; I like the search feature, the hd, the ability to continue where I left off.

Unfortunately It looks like you have designed one blanket app for all roku models which makes this app just terrible for roku 2xs and 3 users. There is just so much that is either non intuitive to a roku 3 user, or just plain frustrating and hate inspiring.

General Browsing Issues

1) What happened to all the subgenre catagories in Anime for browsing? They are all there online, but if i want to find anything by browsing my roku I have to wade through everything, and have no idea what type of anime it is. - i cant even cheat and try to find titles by just search an entire genre in the search feature.
2) No more star reviews. It is nice to see what others think of a title. I have watched several series i never would have given a try to otherwise

On a positive note it is nice to have longer descriptions.


Kudos for trying to give instrucitons on what button does what on the bottom of many of the browers screen.

Frustrating issues for a roku 2x/3 user;
1) To access the menu we have to hit the play/pause button? that makes no sense, why doesnt the OK or * button pop up your app menu? Why cant we get to the menu by using the arrow pad? And finally, why arem't those 5 selections as the app start page instead of the confusing and hidden pop up menu?
2) If I am browsing episodes and want to use the pop up menu, i have to hit BACK, before i can hit the play/pause button, otherwise i have just started playing the episode. - If for some reason you keep this pop up menu please, please PLEASE assign it to some other key.
3) When you are in any of the 5 pop up menu selections, the back button doesnt take you back to the pop up menu, it is completly locked out. THe only way to exit is by pressing the play/pause button. This is one of the most NON intuitive navigation i have come across on any channel i have.
4) Confusing use of the arrow pad: With a roku, every other channel i have uses the arrow keys to fast forward. You have decided to make it proprietary to you that it skips me to the next episode. A complete change from your previous app. This has cause endless frustration, not realizing what has happened, if i let more than 5 seconds play I can not go back to the previous episode with out reloading the start of the episode (the one i dont want to be on) when i try to skip back. Why would you deviate from standard roku contol usage? Were any of the developers/designers even roku users?
5) OK button is only used to select menu items or episodes, it no longer pauses or unpauses play like every other channel.
6) Subtitle button does nothing now. I have no idea how to turn them on or off, Is that even an option anymore?
7) No fast forward/rewind previwing anymore. Welcome back to the stone ages of fastforwarding and rewinding....
8) Why is there an arrow by the Main Menu in the upper right hand corner. There is nothing that allows you to get to it or select it.
9) How do you restart an episode from the begining? Do i really have to rewind the entire episode to see it from the start?
10) You can only pull up the help menu from the main menu. If you pull up the help menu while browsing, when you go back to browsing you are back at the start of the selection process. You now have to wade through everything AGAIN to get back to where you were.

Thank you for asking for our feedback. I hope this means we will have a more usable update soon
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23 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
loading time is way to long now i can live without hd if i can just watch a episode
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64 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/18/14
Please put back the anime and drama categories, (romance, SciFi, Mecha, Comedy, etc) It's painful to scroll through an alphabetic list.
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28 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

Bjaker wrote:

1. Time near end of episode - Currently being addressed.
2. If you exit an episode mid show and then resume later you will be shown an advertisement and then it will resume where you left off. This mimics the web experience.
3. I don't understand what you're getting at here. Can you elaborate further.

Also, can you tell me if it is always the same preroll or if it is showing different advertisements?


What I am getting at is that depending on where the episode starts, for example if it starts near the end because the episode was previously watched, I get 6-7 ads - as if all the MID ROLL ads that would have been shown are added up and queued as PRE roll.

It's the same with #2. That is NOT how it is working. If I stop watching an episode after the first batch of mid-rolls, then come back later and resume watching, I get 2 pre-rolls. I have a feeling that if I watched to the second mid-rolls and restarted I would get 4.

... and don't forget about the issues with IR remotes. Those of us with universal remotes (like a Harmony) can't use the app at all because it is not debouncing keys (1 press is being interpreted as 2 or more).
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37 / M / San Francisco
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

Hmm... So you're getting at that it's just front loading ALL ads and playing them.

THAT SAID! I've got a lot of good information here and have several folks looking into this.

I do apologize that you're having these issues, but thank you very much for confirming that it's all happening during the preroll. This is NOT what we intended and we're gonna work to get this fixed!

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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Aside from a few things about menu navigation I've seen mentioned a number of times:

1) Overall responsiveness of the app needs to be improved. HD streams or not, the app needs to quickly respond to the user.

2) I preferred the old method of episode navigation. Even if the thumbnails were a little out of sync with the video, it was easy, and quick to navigate past opening and ending credits. On top of that there was a function to ff and rewind with a tap of the respective buttons. The new app completely loses navigation by increments with thumbnails and iirc you must hold the ff and rewind buttons now to be able to ff and rewind at all. The holding is not intuitive either, it quickly speeds up the seek rate. This is a very large loss of functionality.

There was a reason I used Roku over PS3/Samsung apps. The old roku ui, while not perfect, was fairly intuitive and user friendly.

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59 / M
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

asharka wrote:

The biggest thing that needs fixing is to make the queue show pages have the same navigation capabilities (the star button shows a synopsis, and gives you an episode list or a remove from queue choice) as when you search or browse the full anime lists.

Second most important is to have a "play from start" choice for each episode.

Third would be to be able to have the frame skips like the old app had to be able to jump to a place in the show (be able to skip intros)

Nice would be (didn't have these before, either):
Autoplay like the web player
Choice of stream resolution instead of just assuming HD (or a configurable place on your profile, like exists for the web player).

Really Really nice would be to have multiple user-definable queues: /forumtopic-836061/collected-queue-suggestions-wishes-and-thoughts but I realize that is a much bigger deal requiring website changes as well...

These need to be restated. especially (for me) the option to play from the beginning. Either that (or in addition to that) the option, even if it;s just on the website to mark episodes, or entire series as "Un-played"
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40 / F
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
First and most important- please improve the Queue so that I can watch different episodes then the latest. This is especially irksome when you all add the placeholder for the episode that isn't out yet. Then just to watch the latest episode I still have to do a search for the series. I can not emphasis enough how much this bothers me. I watch ALOT of crunchyroll. I go to sleep to episodes and that throws off the entire queue. The update makes the queue useless.

Second- the help section is not nearly clear enough. You may have noticed many complaints of things you can do but no one can figure out how to do them because there are a lot counterintuitive steps. (For example ok plays the episode and play brings up the main menu. I have been attempting to navigate the new app. I used the help section but it's just a list of things under certain buttons. You might have saved yourself some of the complaints if that section was clearer. Perhaps a tutorial video?

Third- as stated before the navigation is counterintuitive. If it could be made a bit more logical that would be nice. I realize some things are hard to change though and that's why I suggested changing the help section first.

Fourth- I'd appreciate some way to skip back to the beginning of the episode. I would personally rather lose the ability to restart at the same point then have to always rewind to the beginning. Especially since I can no longer see the scenes of shows as it's rewinding or fast forwarding. It's better to just start over.

Fifth- I realize many people miss being able to see the episode scenes as they rewind. I'm fairly certain that with HD you pretty much lose this feature ( something I've noticed with my other roku apps). I'd like this feature back if possible but I realize that may not be possible on an HD app. If that is the case I'd recommend you say that clearly. I realize we can't have everything we want sometimes.

Thanks for listening to our concerns. Customers don't like change but there are some functionality issues with the new app and I really hope you address them as soon as possible.
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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Annual premium member, ROKU 3, LAN: 100MB wired, 61" TV. I 've read thru this thread and must agree with nearly all the complaints and suggestions. My dislike of the current ROKU app's favorites / queue is extreme.

SUGGESTIONS: AKA - End User Requirements NEEDED

IF the favorites / queue can be recoded then please add a clock feature to the "blank" place holder image similar to the queue on the website showing the wait time to the new episode. Please make the queue on the ROKU scroll loopable like the old version was. Please return the ability to browse the previous episodes with the queue too.

Please provide the ability to EASILY reset an already viewed episode to start. Please make forward and reverse searching within an episode properly function and EASILY usable. I have many favorite fight / drama / dialogue spots within many different series and episodes which I will frequently rewatch, well use to watch till now.

SUGGESTIONS: AKA - End User Requirements WANTED

Please fix the search function. I miss the previous search selections being available. Fixing this might help with that aspect of the app, but if I change category or logout the search results reset.

This should not have been coded with a touch screen device in mind as another device to use this application code on with minor changes (One size does NOT fit all). The poor usability with the ROKU remote makes this sadly clear. Please move all the menu functionality to one area and user arrow keys to navigate and the play key to activate. I logged out numerous times trying to use "Home" to get out of menus before finally learning that there was no other functionality associated with that button other than log out.

On the improved sound and picture quality. (That should have been done years ago.)
On the activity to resolve the new applications issues. (Activity does not equal accomplishments though.)
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36 / M / WV
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
A lot of my issues with the new app have already been stated multiple times, so I'll try and refrain from any repeats.

Personally I loved the intuitive feel of the original Roku app. With no prior knowledge or experience everything seemed to just make sense. The new app seems very similar to the PS3 app, which I hate. Among the reasons are: No continue where you left off, fast forward and rewind aren't easy to skip opening or ending, non-cyclical queue, extra steps necessary to see different episodes of a title from your queue, and the pause bar staying on the screen while paused.

I cannot understate how annoying the pause bar is. When a show is dialogue heavy or very detailed and I need to pause the video to catch up or take it all in the top of my screen is blocked. If you could at least program it to disappear after a second or two that would be great.
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