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The Box
Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14
Risking a life for a fashionable life style that will only suit you and your family isn't right. It's a heartless action. Same goes for the man who introduces the offer. False or not I wouldn't open it. It's a pure judgment of asking this question...,''Are you happy with your life?''

One who truly feels that money and luxury being an answer to true happiness may be a little far from reality. Don't take things for granted and show gratitude with what you have. Especially your life and those who are in it. People who take the moment to think about opening the box and end a life is the same as opening it in the first place.

I understand, the people who have the world as their enemy would open the box too.......but maybe that one person you bargain your fortune with....could have been the one that would have made you happy. I can also understand that maybe that person's life you chose to take away could be a murderer or what not. But in order to kill a monster is to become one yourself. Making you no different than that murderer.

Plus!..... let's not forgot the idea that maybe when they say 'end a person's 'life' could be you xD I'm not dying today....nope
*ignores the box's existence*
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Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14
I don't think I'd believe him. Would probably think he was a crazy door-to-door scammer or something and close the door on his face ASAP haha.
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