The Big Bang Theory Is Live-Action Anime
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So, Crunchy.

All these recent live-action movies based on anime culture / adapted from manga / anime have got me thinking about the role of anime in Hollywood and popular culture in the States. There are still some who think anime isn't accepted or part of popular culture, but consider the following:

The Big Bang Theory, the most--watched sitcom in the States (with the principal cast earning one million dollars per episode!), is basically a live--action anime. There is the blonde foreign exchange student (Penny). There is plenty of fanservice (both sexual and in references to nerd culture). The secondary cast is a collection of extravagant personalities whose power levels never equal that of the protagonist (Leonard is the only one in the group to bang Penny, and Raj and the other dude are basically the Yamcha and Piccolo of the series, one a joke about always being a jobber and the other who has game but always gets outclassed, only to reinforce how amazing the protagonist is for his feats of "conquest").

Filler episodes abound.

The title song is performed by a band that is signed to a subsidiary of the parent company airing the series (I think).

The Power of Friendship is used often.

The most OP guy out of the regular cast is exceptional at what he does, a dense idiot in everything else (especially romance!)

Yet this is one of the most-watched, highest rated series on TV in the States.

What would you favorite anime series look like if they were localized to be live-action series in the States?

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in a way BBT is kind of like Genshikan so I can't say your wrong... but Im not a fan of CBS comedies including BBT and i never finished the 2nd season of Genshikan.

I'm not sure what Gintama or Hunter x Hunter would look like as live action TV shows made for and buy the western world. Berserk would probably be a bit like Game of Thrones except more focused
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I stopped breathing at -with the principal cast earning one million dollars per episode!- and I don't even like the series that is good but not awesome (for me at least) my favorite character is Howard, that guy is sooo funny, especially with his mom

I don't like live action movies though...I always avoid them since the characters never look or behave like the anime characters.

At first I thought this thread was about "US series made into anime" and I liked that one better....wish I could see an anime of Shameless! it has everything: comedy, sexual awareness, kids getting out of control and not the usual "nice" "well behaved" and "perfect" kids we see in anime most of the time, serious matters and gay couples. (hard to find serious gay couples in regular anime -not yaoi anime- ). if anyone knows an anime like "Shameless" please share?

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I actually don't watch this show, but I've heard that not only is it outrageously popular in the States where I am from, but globally it is also very watched and very popular especially in Europe.

I don't think it has anything to do with anime. In the start, anime was inspired by many things from the West in terms of its drawing style/stories/characters/etc. Before Western influence comics in Japan were very different from today's. After the West became "cool" and "known" many things were adapted from there. Nowadays anime has branched off into its own thing, yet there are still things of similarities to be found between anime and the West from both sides.

There is always a cultural exchange going on somewhere, sometime and pretty much nothing is truly original even more so in today's globalized world.
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Nah, it's more Seinfeld than everything:

Straight guy-Leonard/Jerry
Neurotic guy that steals the show-Sheldon/Kramer
Annoying guy-Howard/George
The Chick-Raj/Elaine

I don't think they really use the power of friendship much either. Someone did a youtube video of it without the laugh track, and without the applause it makes them sound like they actually loathe each other.

I think it's popular more because people still like to laugh at geeks and it serves up every tired old geek stereotype there is.
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