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Who hates the new Crunchyroll layout for the ROKU?
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Posted 8/30/14
I voted for "don't care for it," and here's why.

As layouts go, it's not terrible. It's not great, mind; probably about on-par from what I saw from most students at the end of my s***s-and-grins design class at the local community college. I can at least accomplish the basic task of "watch a single episode."

Where it fails is the user interface, not the layout itself. They could easily have a good app using the same layout, if they had as much concept of user interface as those same community college students. They all published navigable sites in the end--even the moron who let his "vision" overwhelm the actual parameters of the assignment still had a site you could navigate, even if it looked like garbage.

This is not a navigable app. It is not intuitive. It is not logical. It requires a survival guide. No app should require a survival guide; no other app I use requires a survival guide. Hell, I barely even have to go to the attached web sites for those apps! Yet I'm here on CR every day, trying to find out what I'm actually going to be watching because I can't actually rely on the queue in the app anymore, and hoping maybe, finally, someone connected to this has finally admitted that they seriously f****d up and apologizes for this s***show.

But the layout. That's not entirely terrible, just somewhat bad.
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Posted 12/22/15
Year-end cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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