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Your voice loudness
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F / ar away
Posted 12/20/14

severticas wrote:

JustineKo2 wrote:

severticas wrote:

that's a geometry problem you are trying to solve xD.


what you are asking is similar to how you can hear the ticking of a clock a lot louder and distinct in a quiet room.
But it irks me how people just read the forum title and at best just gloss over the opening post, completely missing what I'm actually asking.

I mean does it make sense at all?

What I want to know is how loudly YOU (the person reading this thread) hear your OWN voice compared to the volume you hear other peoples voices.

Theoretically someone with a very loud voice might have a loud voice because they don't hear their own voice very loudly. In that case their answer would actually be QUIETER.

lol, are you trolling?i'll join xD.

maybe have a very loud voice because they can't hear the other person and their senses are heightened in trying to catch the sound so they would then also sound to themselves as if they are speaking louder than they actually are. lol
Why would you suggest I'm trolling? You seemed to direct your post in agreement that the forum question is perhaps too complex for the general forum population. Why would you even post something thoughtful like that if you thought my whole thread was trolling?

Posted 12/20/14

well, thought you were alluding to illusions but i only approached the question as if it's a joke (which i usually do on many occasions). my bad, i apologize.
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Posted 12/21/14
My voice isn't louder than others, but it is deeper - too many years smoking! My lesser-halfs voice is one that you can hear from 3 blocks away, even when he whispers! I always know where he is, & if we get seperated in a crowd he just stands there talking & I can find him!!
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Posted 1/4/15
I am soft-spoken and hard to understand, apparently.
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Posted 1/8/15
I tend to get loud when speaking about something I love.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/15/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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