Want advice for where to study in Japan
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This is basically a list of universities and cities that my University is linked with, and i have the choice of studying at as part of my International Studies Degree. International studies is basically a degree where you learn the language, culture and history of a country and spend a year in. I would really love some advice from anyone who has any experiences with these cities- as ive only heard of about three of them. I want a balance between urban and rural- one of the most attractive aspects of Japan for me is the outer city suburban life, with lots of beautiful nature. So a city with a nice balance would be awesome. Looking forward to your comments, thank you !

Fukuoka: Kyushu University
Gifu: Gifu University
Hirakata: Kansai Gaidai University
Ibaraki: Ibaraki University
Kagoshima: Kagoshima University
Kanazawa: Kanazawa University
Kitakyushu: Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kyoto: Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
Machida: J. F. Oberlin University
Nagoya: Nagoya Institute of Technology
Naha: Okinawa University
Niigata: Niigata University
Saga: Saga University
Saitama: Saitama University
Sakai: Osaka Prefecture University
Sapporo: Hokkaido University of Education
Sapporo: Sapporo University
Tokyo: Nishogakusha University
Yamaguchi: Yamaguchi University
Yamanashi: Yamanashi University
Yokohama: Yokohama National University
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The students are nice at Yokohama. I don't know anyone at the other Universities.
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Your best bet is to look up the English sites for the universities and have a look.

To be honest, every city has some really great things to do and see. I would say go to Chiba university for exactly the kind of thing you are looking for, but it isn't on the list. It's near the outskirts of Tokyo, so travel into the big city is easy, but it's a smaller city of its own and Chiba prefecture is amazingly beautiful. Yokohama is on the other side of Tokyo and is much the same.

Do you want cold climate or hot? Some of the ones listed are WAY South and some are WAY North.
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