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Posted 8/19/14
Hey gang, i am new around here Thought i share some of the stuff to just roll off my paint desk. I am not that great some times i feel like i've forgotten more about painting then I've learned.
THe decimator is about 80 percent finished, and thats good enough for me. I am incapable of ever finishing a model to 100 percent due to ADD. I think he's my best model to date.

My infinity nomads been toying with the color scheme and i am disturbingly fond of that orange. Yes heavy influence from death stroke. Thinking the rest of the bunch would greatly benefit from more black.

Now, here i am asking for some input, i have just started using badger's Ghost tint. I am kind of mix on the results
First off is the avatar, I had happy with the red, the black though i think i might steer clear of air brush highlighting and go with a plain old edge high light. I want a very sith look on it. Feed back would be wonderful.

This last one is painted with only ghost tints over a Grey scale black primer, with grey and white highlights. THen hit it with the ghost tints and all the shading and highlight falls into place. I havn't tried mixing tint colors you can literally spray them over a still wet tint, and have them self blend which might be worth trying.

Thanks for having a look and for any feed back, or if you have an questions please ask.
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Posted 8/19/14
The Decimator looks awesome. If only that thing wasn't so damn expensive, I'd love to get one.
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Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/19/14
Thank you, he looks much better in person, you can't see it in picture but the red spot is rust, built up with weathering pigments,So alot of texture and shades in it, yellow and red. Red just over powers it in the light, looks really sharp. To be honest i'd buy about 10 more if i had a use for them it was a really fun mini to paint. that's before i based him here is a better shot showing off rust and one of my other deamon engine

Use pigments to build up some mud to match his base. I wanted a real slogging through the muddy trenches look

and again more of what you can do with pigments

MY warsmith and lords back side.

speaking of expensive

Dont ask why the Tau Aun Va is riding him.
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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