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Self explanatory title! You can do this however you want.
But if you're at a loss for words, feel free to fill out an "about me" form, located below.
It's completely optional, of course.

I'd like to know who you are and how you discovered Tokyo Ghoul~!

About me form:
(Once again, it's optional!)

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Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/20/14
I suppose I should introduce myself first!

I'm Ry. It's a small deprivation of my real name. I'm /currently/ a senior in high school. I have a creative spirit; I've taken a liking to drawing, writing, and photoshopping. Some activities I enjoy are video games, reading, and bass guitar. (Even though I haven't touched the thing in weeks. Oops.)

How I discovered Tokyo Ghoul, was I stumbled upon a posted manga page on tumblr a while ago. And I was curious, so I checked the tags. And then I was like "holy shit, this looks pretty cool," and here I am. Addicted to the manga, and a little upset with how the anime is going but content with it overall.

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Posted 9/1/14 , edited 9/2/14
My name is Kim! Im currently 18 years old since june 2th. My gender? Im obviously a poteto. I have a huge interests in anime/ manga and thats why im here in crunchyroll. My hobbies are drawing, chatting, using graphics program like photoshop and also gaming with friends. I dont dislike anything, in fact im pretty open to anything~ I dont know what kind of person i am O; but i will say errr, childish xD and optimist ~ maybe? Im a full-time student studying architecture~

How did you discover Tokyo Ghoul?
My favorite artist on deviantart happen to draw a fanart of Tokyo Ghoul and i though it look pretty cool so i decided to watch the anime. I fell hard in love with the anime that i recently start reading the manga. DAMN wise choice!
I like everything about this manga/anime.
Posted 9/11/14 , edited 9/12/14
Hi, my real first name is Jim. Most forum websites I am EasySpiral. Also it is my xbox live gamer tag. Been an anime fan for a long time.

Had a friend ' recomend TG to me.

I like dark humor, horror, and gore if its done right/creatively.

CCG or Ghoul? Probably would choose Ghoul. Evolve or die. Although I am quite content to be human right now. LoL

Posted 9/5/14 , edited 9/6/14

my name [?] I have been hiding from my haters, you know those things like being a fugitive while you aren't~ anyways I go by the name of Evi but our group leader can ask for my real name ** winks **.

my age [?] is a wonder *meep* its not like I'm hiding my age actually well my teen life has ended last 04.14.14 and now I'm on my 20th of age "speaking of the 20th ward" I FIT!

i like [?] I love spicy foods and i have this obsession with monochrome although I occasionally like pink and peach, i love animes too even though im getting older for such a hobby i can't just shake it off my system ** laughs ** i am also fond of hyper personalities here in crunchyroll "who wouldn't?"

i dislike [?] i hate cockroaches - torn up books - wolverine - barney - and drama queens / kings ~ this one is broad i cant just put in words how many things i dislike but for the highlight~ those major ones first.

how will you see my personality [?] actually im flexible and most of the time a jolly one but it just depends on who i am with at the moment and for sure i am the moody one and you can just click the add button to know me more <3.

tokyo ghoul in discovery [?] I've actually seen the title in the manga websites before but I didn't really payed attention until the anime came out and it turns out good!! I also read the manga now, rating it 10/10.

favorite characters in TG [?] probably those twin girls that were experimented on and got rize's "idk what the doctor snuck in their body"

disliked characters [?] Mado - CCG Reaper - Touka's brother - Jason ~ well probably those notorious antagonists in there what else..

CCG or Ghoul [?] I really wondered what human flesh tastes like "its not that I will cannibalize or something" but I'd go for Ghoul!! if Ghouls were true too it would be a good idea to put them in china x3x.

-finished [ Sorry for the other fail entries boss ]

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Hey guys, i'm Andy. i really like body modifications and cosplaying/dressing up in general. I also like sleeping.

i discovered tokyo ghoul through a friend of mine in real life. she sent me a link to the anime, and then i got bored with waiting for new episodes, i decided to read the manga.

Any favorite characters in TG?:
Uta, Itori, Touka, Amon, Akira.
Any disliked characters in TG?:
Ayato. He's annoying.
CCG or Ghoul?:
I want to say CCG because amon can throw me against a wall but I favor the ghoul society.
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Posted 9/15/14 , edited 7/23/15
Hello all! I'm Wren. I am 17 and a senior in high school. I love coffee, animals, and manga/anime. And I really like to doodle. But because I'm an extremely lazy person I tend to not finish any actual pictures. I also really like sleep but I don't really get enough of it.

I discovered Tokyo Ghoul about a year ago when I had no manga to read and saw that it just got updated, so I tried it on a whim. I didn't expect it to be so good huhu

My favorite TG characters are Kaneki, Tsukiyama, Amon, Hide, Touka, and Banjou.
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Posted 10/10/14 , edited 10/10/14
Hello everyone~
I'm Kiki, a female, and I'm home schooled, but I would be in high school.
I like Coffee, body mods, reading, drawing, writing, music, and pretty much anything artistic.
I procrastinate. A lot. Even things I want to do.

I was on one of my favorite tumblrs when I say a Tokyo Ghoul gif from the manga. I look it up and BAM! addicted.
I read the manga from Chapter 1 to (I think) Chapter 133 in less than two days.

Any favorite characters in TG? Touka Kirishima (I can relate to her a little..), Shuu Tsukiyama, Kaneki Ken after the "change"

Any disliked characters in TG?: Rize. She just annoys me.

CCG or Ghoul?: Hmm...I get that the CCG is trying to better the world, but some Ghouls are just killed for being Ghouls. Neither?
Posted 11/15/14 , edited 11/15/14
Name/Nickname: Aoi
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Likes: coffee, kpop, drums, guitar, singing, writing, reading, cooking, baking, sushi, curry <33
Dislikes: spiders, attention whores, clowns, octopus, eating raw fish
Personality?: short-temper, kind, caring, loving, cold-hearted, annoyed
Occupation?: just a graduate student havent started college my mom wanted me to go to school with her for starting a business to get money for my college degrees.
How did you discover Tokyo Ghoul?: Few in tumblrs and some where in deviantart was looking for renders i started watching the anime wasn't half bad started to get addicted to it.
Any favorite characters in TG?: Kaneki Ken, Touka Kirishima, and Uta (best mask maker 3rd favorite character)
Any disliked characters in TG?: Rize, she annoys the hell out of me. :x and there's another one Yakumo Oomori who torture Kaneki i dislike him.
CCG or Ghoul?: I rather be a Ghoul instead of CCG.
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Posted 12/23/14 , edited 12/24/14
Dislikes:Shouting lol didn't know what to put...
How did you discover Tokyo Ghoul?:Recommended from a friend
Any favorite characters in TG?:Kaneki,Touka,Yomo-San
Any disliked characters in TG?: Can't think of any at the moment..
CCG or Ghoul?:Neither....
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Posted 1/10/15 , edited 1/11/15
Name/Nickname: Gyggz (pronounced jihgz)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Likes: Anime/Manga, Games, Youtube, Books, Dabbling in all sorts of hobbies
Dislikes: Trolls, superficial people, close-minded people, liver (food-wise)
Personality: Cynical, a realist, cheerful however and open-minded, curious
Occupation: Student
How did you discover Tokyo Ghoul?: Listening to a cover of 'Unravel' the opening song by my favourite cover artist: Unknown Songbird, check her out, she's amazing! The lyrics were incredible so I checked out the opening itself and I got hooked.
Any favorite characters in TG?: Kaneki. Both his innocent and badass side.
Any disliked characters in TG?: I won't say because it'd be a spoiler for those who haven't read the manga.
CCG or Ghoul?: Neither, I can't give up eating human food..but, if I had to choose, I'd choose to be a ghoul.
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Posted 1/26/15 , edited 1/26/15
hey my names Alex i am 17, male
likes would have to say rugby, swimming, MMA and anime (obvious)
personality for me would be lazy unless i wanna do something
a student in the UK
found out about Tokyo Ghoul from a mate who slapped me and yelled at me for not watching it yet
i would say i would choose to be a ghoul because of survival of the fittest
best character for me would be kaneki
Posted 3/25/15 , edited 3/26/15
Name/Nickname: Caden (cay-den)
Age: 15
Likes: Yaoi, anime, manga, music
Dislikes: School, work, grape juice (don't ask why, cuz I don't know why either)
Personality?: Laid-back, energetic, weird, strange
Occupation?: Currently a high school student!
How did you discover Tokyo Ghoul?: So, I originally saw my friend with Uta as their profile pic. I then heard of Tokyo Ghoul, and then waited about a few months until I was into the whole gore genre. So, a few days ago, I started and finished Season 1.
Any favorite characters in TG?: Really favoring Kaneki, and I do like Touka-chan.
Any disliked characters in TG?: Uhm.. I guess the only one I came to dislike is Yoriko. I know she is important to Touka, but I just feel like she is the annoying type to me.
CCG or Ghoul?: Heh, i'm all for the Ghoul side. If I could, I would be a ghoul. Screw humanity when you can just be a ghoul and eat them all!
Posted 3/29/15 , edited 4/1/15
Dislikes:unicorns (their freaky o~o)
Personality?:Awesome,sweet,freakish,fun,funny,lovable,Smexy Ghoul xD (JK.)
Occupation?:Manga Artist/High school student!/Anime watcher
How did you discover Tokyo Ghoul?:I saw the music video
Any favorite characters in TG?:Kaneki ken >-< Hes my bae >3
Any disliked characters in TG?: nah
CCG or Ghoul?: (This is vague, yes. Interpret this anyway you'd like.)I guess, im a ghoul, im just not into eating brains and that zombey shiz
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