Truth cannot be found in honesty
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Posted 8/20/14 , edited 10/16/14
'Tis almost the season to look back at the year and really take notes of the significant events that changed the emission of "you" throughout the year. I guess you can say that it's similar to shedding an old skin for a brighter, smoother endodermis layer. Whatever. Whether the year was good or bad is one popular topic to reflect upon, but recounting the new relationships made/broken is another one not to overlook easily. How did the new relationships build this year? How did some break?

Personally, I've made lots of new friendships this year that I know at heart will last me a lifetime. A new foundation of trust built upon the hodpodge mixture of both excitement and ambiguity, mixed me into events that I could not have foregone without the companies of such people. Simultaneously, I don't find it uncommon to lose a few of those people either. The balance of life, on good vs evil, addition vs subtraction, hot vs cold, ... includes gain vs lost. The people whom I called brothers/sisters at the time all seemed to shed new layers of skin of which I could no longer familiarize myself with. Like an enzyme inhibitor that fits itself right into the missing piece of the tissue layer within the protein, I found myself blocked and replaced of in the social group, whilst at the same time gaining a new one. This indifferent feeling produced by such events of gain vs loss perhaps maintained my calm homeostasis. The ones that last ... I guess this is one objective in which humanity pursues to gain endlessly to escape the magnetism of the ever fateful loneliness of mankind.

Taking a closer look at the broken relationships of the past year, the never-achieving issue of truth was found in the ironically broken friendships. I say that because human relationships are, in fact, ironic. How does one like another person yet at the same time hold a conscious understanding that the partner may be your greatest foe? Most people would answer this question with the overly redundant word "faith." "To trust in the unexplainable without logical reasons ..." Has our generation come down to faith? To not know a single thing and put your trust in it? The media portrays "trust" as something totally different from what the normal would see it as. Trust is not something that's earned in a single experience in which a decency of mannerism collide with honesty and rescue, but is something that is judged by the consistency of the speaker in action and logic. Reason why it's so easy for the young ones to break friendships and relationships, is because hearts get broken over broken trust. I say this in the boldest of ways- truth cannot be found in honesty.

I've met countless of honest people out there, and so have you. There is always that one guy who will always tell the truth regardless of situation and/or time. Say you're in a social group, and you know the honest friend will speak the "truth" at all times. But do you really put your trust in him, or the closer friend who you know to be half truthful at times? Truth is bendable. If something is bendable, it is breakable. We as human beings are selfish creatures who seek the interest of the maximum benefit possible for ourselves. Why do you put your trust in Christ? Why do you put your trust in your family? Why do you put your trust in that one person? In that one job? Because the heavy weight of reality forces a human being into a position where trust MUST be placed onto someone else to share the load of the ever-fateful loneliness. Don't give your trust away in honesty, but rather hold it inside the pearl shell of yours and open up the gem for the people you know to be real. Because truth will always be found in the hearts of those who speaks through action and consistency.

In conclusion, I'm divorced from the presumption that truth lies within the depths of the clearest eyes. The fact that truth cannot be found in honesty is at first a scary thought. However, the reward in taking that extra step into becoming the truth in somebody's life seems sufficient enough to tinkle that small lit fire in the faith of humanity. I think this coming year will be a great one knowing that each year brings its perks into the life of the ever growing boy that I always will be.
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