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Act 1 || Unearthed

…The clatter of pickaxe on stone rang out through narrow tunnels as countless workers excavated the ancient mines, turning up soil and stone thousands of years old. The air was stale and damp, and the darkness was broken only by the soft orange glow of a torch. Shadows danced across the rough-hewn stone walls as the flame flickered gently. Deep within the narrow tunnels lay a grand cavern, with ornate pillars carved out of the raw stone, and at the far end lay an ominous door standing four stories high…


As the battle of Arheim concludes, The intrepid band of warriors make their way to the military headquarters within town. The small building is heavily damaged from what looks to be an explosion, with the entire frontage of the stone building laying in ruins. The group is escorted inside and taken to meet with a familiar face, Commander Ellot. The old veteran had seen better days, and had blood stained bandages covering his many wounds. With an effort, Ellot stood and greeted the party before sitting, and giving an audible groan as he did. Without hesitating, he addressed the group.

“News of the Empires invasion is spreading fast, and we need all the able soldiers we can get if we are to have any hope of pushing back the Empire… Able soldiers such as yourselves. If you are willing, we have a task for you all.” His gaze drifted across the group as he spoke and after pausing to let the party consider their options, Commander Ellot resumed, “There is a small town to the east that has been overrun by the Empire. Considering our lack of soldiers posted here, we are unable to send help, and the nearest garrison is more than a two days march away.” Commander Ellot continued to explain the situation to the group, telling of how the small mining town of Klodenn had been overrun, and was now being held as an Imperial outpost within Lumerian boarders.
“Our reports tell us that the local population has been either killed or captured, and the survivors have been put to work in the mines below the town.” His voice turning hard as he spoke. “This is where you come in. We need a small force to Liberate Klodenn and free its people. We need to show the Empire that we are a force to be reckoned with, and we will not sit by idle while our people are held hostage” His voice had now moved from a stern tone to outright anger. He thumped the table and jolted the various items atop it, and spilling a small cup of wine. As the cup clattered to the ground, the sound seemed to pull Commander Ellot from his anger-fuelled rant. He took a moment to recompose himself, before stating, “If you are willing to help us, and the people of Klodenn, you will be doing your country a great deed.. Lumeria needs you.” He paused for a moment, before pulling something from beside his chair and dropping it on the table. It was a medium sized pouch that clinked loudly as it landed, spilling golden coins across the tabletop. “And if you are successful, you will be compensated for your efforts in Klodenn.”

Commander Ellot slumped back in his chair, and let the party discuss their options amongst themselves…

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Inara had just been finishing off finding all of her possessions in the rubble of the building when she had seen the group of people being escorted into the part of the headquarters that was still intact. She was tired, sore, and she really needed a bath but she looked about as attractive as the rest of the soldiers around. Being the nosey type of person that she was, she crept to the back of the building to her spot. She often slept back here or listened to the commander giving orders so she knew where not to be to avoid the hard work.

To her surprise she found out that the Empire was invading, and it was not going good for the defenders. Apparently there was some mining town that had been taken over. Sounded just like the type of mission that she hated, lots of work, low reward, and worst of all she would be with a whole bunch of strangers.

Then she heard the money.

She didn’t even need to see the bag to know that they were not talking small amounts here, even if she had to share that money would set her up real nice, might even be enough to pay off the people after her so she didn't have to run anymore.

Anyway, she was curious about the money and the people so she stayed by the little window in the office to see if anyone else even wanted to go. If not, she could always steal the money.

A small little grin spread across her face.

Maybe helping people out wasn’t such a terrible thing after all.
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Noarc had watched the entire scene develop before him, both too exhausted and uncaring to partake in the bloodshed. After the battle had finally subsided he decided to search around to see if he could find anything he liked. After raiding a few houses and finding little to nothing of interest he decided to start walking towards where he saw the survivors of the battle heard toward. He figured if anything they could tell him about a bounty board if he was lucky.

After asking around what was left of nearby people, he finally found the soldiers he was seeking. After listening in on the conversation for a small time and some yelling, he heard something hit the table that brought a grin to his face. Thinking this was the perfect chance to make some coin he burst into the room with a grin on his face and a glint in his eye. "Your propostion seems like a task I would be up for!" Noarc explaims as reaches the table. "Toss me some armor and a spear beforehand and I'll deal with whatevers on your mind there commander. No way I can help ya in these here rags and a dented spear! You couldn't expect me to hunt down my own dinner with such a weapon, now could ya?" Never breaking eye contact with the wounded man in charge, he eagerly awaits his response, thinking that getting new equipment to be a cakewalk after the conversation he had just listened in on.

"So what do ya say commander, do we have an accord?"
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Wolf stood in the center of the room, hands at his waist and sword strapped to his back, listened to Ellot preach about a new job. Anria, the little girl who he found in the woods last night, was resting in the hall right outside the room with Wolf's pack and supplies.

Wolf wasn't all too interested in following orders from officials but his recent clients didn't give him difficult enough jobs or enough Kroner or Ducat to get by so the clink on the desk slightly swayed his thoughts.

Just as Wolf was about to leave from disinterest, an enthusiastic man burst into the door, taking Ellot up on his offer. Following in close pursuit was Anria with a slightly panicked look on her face. "Wolf," she softly said as a lady in a business attire almost chased her in. She wore a fitted navy blue work skirt with a matching top. Her hair was up in a bun and she was accessorized with sharp glasses and a binder in her arm. "Lady Anria please," she said. A possible client. Wolf thought.

"Always hard at work I see, miss Akane," Ellot said to the lady keeping the other gentleman's offer on his mind.

"You must be the young man who found our young lady and brought her back safely from the woods." Wolf had mixed thoughts about this lady, but more importantly Wolf needed coin.

"I only did what I thought was right," Wolf began. "I'm just glad that by doing it, I was able to help such a beautiful lady as yourself." Wolf awaited a nonverbal queue from the business lady, but she remained the same.

"Anyway," she continued. "From what I've heard on my way here, you're a mercenary. Lady Anria has been bugging me to bring her to Klodenn where she can acquire certain medicinal plants. Could I hire you to bring her there?"

Bring a little girl to Klodenn? She would trust a stranger that easily? Well this actually overlaps perfectly with what Ellot is asking for. I could do both at once. Glancing over at Ellot, Wolf accepted both jobs and Akane went over the details with Wolf. What did I just get myself into?
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