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Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14
Hello Crunchyroll Team,

I have some positive feedback and negative feedback.
First the video quality is really good and the german subtitle is sometimes really well done.
But by some Anime like Strike the Blood i had read the subtitle and thought really you did translate this like this!
I mean some of the translators create sentences which a normal german dont understand sometimes.
Or he/she use words which unsually and he could take a other word. Which is simply to understand...

Sometimes i think some of the editors are to old for Animes. This guys using words which my father or grandpa had use.

If you need some examples i can writte down a few.

As next we germans cant use your normal package for monthly payment. I have as a german to buy from myself crunchyroll all acces as gift.
There is no other way for me to get a membership here. I mean i could use a credit card but i dont have one. The most germans use paypal.
Please offer a normal membership for german instead this montly payment.

And excuse me please for my english grammar. It´s isnt my native language.
But german is my native language and i can tell by the translations is often something weird.
I mean i do self translations of animes for a german fansubgroup. And really sometime i thought "are you kidding me".

Best regards Ilovemyselffromhearth
Der Zoodirektor
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Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/22/14
Hallo Ilovemyselffromhearth,

Feedback zu unseren Untertiteln ist immer willkommen. Üblicherweise schauen wir aber nicht ins englische Forum. Von daher wäre es einfacher, wenn du uns auf der deutschen Seite ins Forum schreiben oder über das Kontaktformular mit uns in Verbindung treten würdest.
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