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Created by saya-abyss
Post Reply Would you be put of Rhyme or Ribsteez?
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Posted 8/22/14
The idea of Ribsteez and Rhyme are brilliant! But in the world of DRAMAtical Murder, you're one or the other....or in Aoba's case, neither.

If I had to chose (not really much of a choice) I'll join Rhyme. Physical fighting is not my forte and I'm a total pansy. Since Rhyme is game in your mind, the pain isn't real. Plus, quite similar to Pokemon which I can totally do. :D

What are your opinions? Join Rhyme and fight with your mind or Rib and use your muscles?
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Posted 10/19/14
Neither, to be honest. It seems like too much trouble but I wouldn't mind watching it in the audience.
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