Interview a Deceased Person
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I did look to see if there was another post like this and all I found where mainly topics that were list famous deceased people you would like to meet and the ones I found were locked. Though if I did over look a topic that is similar to this and is open then go ahead and lock this topic and please post the link to the open topic. I did look quite well, but never came across anything open.

Now here are your questions. If you had a chance to interview a famous deceased person( can be from History or Celebrity, but it must have been an actual person) who would it be and why? Also what three questions would you ask them?

I would want to interview William Shakespeare because I love to write and who better to discuss writing with than one of the greatest writers in History.

My Three Questions
What do you think of today's form of Literature?
Should there ever be a restraint on what a writer should write?
How do you feel about the adaptations of some of your works?

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Defiantly Hitler, I have quite a lot of questions to ask him.

Also Prince Edward and Richard who were killed in the tower of London, I'd like to know who killed them.
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I will interview Robin Williams and asking the following questions:

Why did you kill yourself

What reaction makes you suicide yourself

Don't you regret it kill yourself

I mean we all know for the most part what happen I will truly like to hear all this from he's on words

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You know when I was trying to think of who I would want to interview he was one of the ones that came to mind. It would indeed be interesting to know why he was depressed and why he took his own life.
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