The Fun Club's Rules and Concept!
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Posted 8/23/14 , edited 9/24/14

  • Never be rude, if there is a problem FIX it.
  • Do not chat about inappropriate subjects.
  • Keep everything PG-13 (see above).
  • No flirting; if there is flirting I'll kill you!
  • Do not mess with the creator and the modding team. We try our best.

anything else?...nope and please continue to follow these rules.
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Posted 9/23/14 , edited 9/27/14

Hello everyone!

As the self proclaimed knight of the Modding team: I have unwittingly realized that I am below both the divinity of our Creator and the royalty of my friend Rapidfalcon. Even though these titles were merely for fun on my part I have decided that it would also be fun to abide by them, at least for now. This being said I have decided to elaborate the rules of our creator and clearly state The Fun Club's goal to any curious soul.

This goal is to have fun!!

Which I must respectfully say that our creator has mistakenly left out, and I'm certainly not bold enough to correct her words. That is our goal and our very first rule here at The Fun Club. Fulfilling this goal can be done in numerous ways; whether it is role playing in our chat-room, participating in deciding our monthly themes, or just conversing with everyone else looking for a fun time is up to you! That being said there are ways we don't like to have fun here at The Fun Club.

As the Great Onii-tan sama has said: never be rude. It is hard for everyone to have fun when there are people who aren't getting along and we here at The Fun Club encourage everyone to fix any problems as they develop concerning this topic. If obvious and agitating trolling is occurring we will then encourage you not to feed the trolls and report them to the mods immediately.

As the Great Onii-tan sama has said twice: PG-13!! It is not unusual to fall in a gutter occasionally, but we here at The Fun Club are not looking for that kind of fun. We aim for a fun that is suitable for all ages so that we can spread the fun even further. This is an easy rule that common sense can resolve with no problem and I don't expect to see it. If you do however, please report it to the mods.

As the Great Onii-tan sama has claimed: she will kill you for flirting at The Fun Club. Flirting is considered to be fun by some, have some fun, but not on this page. There is a wide option of PMing available on this site, and we encourage you to use it should the feeling be mutual between two parties. Please don't do it here though.

As everyone on the modding team would respectfully ask: please be kind to us. We're trying to have fun too, and while doing this we try to simultaneously make it fun for everyone. That being said we promise to do our best to spread the joy and maintain these rules that the Great Onii-tan has conjured. So what are you waiting for?! Go have some fun!!!

From a Humble Knight,

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