One Piece: Devil Fruit Rencarnation & Blackbeard : I just thought about something
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Posted 8/24/14
So i've been thinking about something, down the line Luffy is going to have to face Black beard, and obviously Luffy isn't strong enough to face him

Black beard has the darkness fruit or yami yami no mi

but kizaru has the light fruit or pika pika no mi

and in the dressorosa arc it's revealed that the devil fruits rencarnate after the user dies.

so is the plan against blackbeard going to be that they(or some other pirate) are going to have kill Kizaru, then go on an adventure looking for the pika pika no mi so that luffy can obtain it to defeat blackbeard??

light goes against darkness

that would give luffy somewhat equal footing.

this is just my predictions, what do you guys think

how will blackbeard be defeated??
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Posted 8/24/14

strawhat_adam wrote:

Hi I've closed this because we do have an existing thread for discussing One Piece, so please do ask this over there:


(For currently running shows we prefer that most discussion take place in a single thread rather than having lots of little threads that deal with only some specific details)
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