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Otter Modder
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Posted 8/24/14
Every time a show is going to be removed, it is announced in site news. The most recent example that I can remember would be Attack on Titan. Since site news isn't updated all that often it should be pretty easy to see, especially if you check the section on the front page since that ignores new posts on old threads.
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Posted 9/3/14

toodboot wrote:

Also, some more shows seemed to have disappeared. I'm not seeing anything blindingly obvious on the news page titles with "closed" "dropped" "canceled" "expired" or other keywords.

I noticed atleast 3 things missing last night, but can only remember 2:
the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
and some show with "Dolls" in the title (it wasn't new)

The keyword that CR always uses is "marathon" (which wouldn't be my first choice), as in "Marathon Time" or "____ Marathon Needed":

Since some people view via the app and may never visit the show page, my suggestion would be to use the notification banner (which is normally used to advertise things like the new Roku app, and more recently the new Manga app) to alert if one or two shows are being removed on a specific date, or alert people to check the Site News if several are.

16 shows were recently removed:
...and the topic has consistently remained in the top portion of the first page of Site News topic listings since it was posted.

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