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Anime that exceeded high expectations
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LokiLB wrote:

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LokiLB wrote:

dwilson2000 wrote:

Fate/Stay Night, I like the Visual Novel and I like the anime even more. All of the characters were well-rounded and had depth. Plus it had incredible substance and even successfully combined all of the routes while still keeping it original in an amazing way. Plus a lot of tear jerkers regarding Archer, Illya and near the end Saber.

Fate.Zero on the other hand could use a lot of work, enough said.

I highly reccomend watching FSN and skipping zero .

I really liked Fate/Zero. I think it is definitely worth watching. Now, I haven't read (watched?) the visual novel nor have I watched the first FS/N anime. Every time I look at it I'm just put off by the fact that there's going to be teenage angst and romance and that everyone says it's different than F/Z. I liked the fact that F/Z was more about adult characters.

Now you see your reasons for not wanting to watch it make sense. Because it is in fact about romance (albeit a tragic one) and angst. Although not teenage angst but rather fantasy/action angst. I personally like myself some angsty/emotional anime. But I still think zero's only worth watching if you prefer style over and substance and realize it's not a real prequel to FSN since Nasu never approved. If you really wanna get an accurate idea of what happened in the events before FSN, I'd say play the Visual Novel.

But yeah it is different from zero as it actually focuses on it's characters depth and story rather than just looking cool.

I thought Kiritsugu had a good bit of depth. It went into how he formed his philosophy and showed the flaws in it. I really liked that exploration of 'ends justify the means' and pragmatism.
Some of the characters were a bit flat, but that was either side characters or ones that sort of had to be flat (e.g., Berserker).

Kiritsugu? Really? First he randomly kisses some woman seconds after talking about his own daughter. then he shoots said daughter in the head (don't care if it was a clone, he didn't know that). Also that end justify the means thing is true for practically every anti-hero/anti-villain fyi. Only depth he has is that he's a prick in a cast mostly full of pricks who also have no depth. Usaully when I discuss with someon who's seen both anime and the VN they agree that the only good character is Saber (who's not even a zero orginal). Sometimes Rider, usually it's something along the lines of the best of the worst however.

Anyway to avoid spamming the thread with this unnecessary discussion. Another anime that exceeded high expectations from me was Kanon.
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