Post Reply Will there ever be HD quality support in Android Tablets?
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I'm just wondering since the app release of Roku and its HD supported inhabitants, I think it would definitely possible to support Android Tablets - you could filter and disable it with requirements, to prevent bugs and crashes for the lower end devices. For e.g, Android Version, Screen Resolution (1080 x 800 etc), Hardware (GPU, GPU Cores and RAM) etc.

I think if all of these were taken into consideration, you could build an app that would flawlessly stream HD. If it makes it any easier, you could specifically create a separate app for the android tablets, just like with the Roku app.

So my ultimate question is: Why isn't this idea in the process of development? It has been said or rumored that android would soon support HD, in the next update, but that was like months or at least a year ago.. (and crunchyroll does takes its time, when it comes to updating software apps)
For premium members, who are paying solely due to the benefits of HD videos shouldn't have to feel having being locked to a laptop or a computer for a paid service, that would usually have extended support (Bare in mind that Android and Apple are certainly the most popular Operating Systems statistically) considering the apple app, also doesn't support HD (well at least from my knowledge)
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Posted 8/25/14
Last I heard, their Android developer went on hiatus and then eventually gave notice and left. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding. I use Nexus devices, Chromecast, or my PlayStation to watch so I don't feel I'm really tied down to using just 1-2 methods to use. Using nothing but high-end devices, I have no complaints on video quality. Not that others don't, I just do not.
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Seeing as they are currently looking for an android developer and iOS developer I don't think it will be happening soon.

But in light of that I have a solution if you truly wish to watch 1080p videos on your android.
You can stream to your android device using PLEX, simply put PLEX is a media server.
So install plex onto your computer and download and install this plugin:
Once you download it launch plex and enter your crunchyroll account info and then reload the channel, it should then display a list of shows or your queue.
I created a plex account for myself and then downloaded the PLEX app from the google play store, note this is 4.99. Once you launch the app you will login to your account you just created and should be able to swipe to find the "Channels" tab. Crunchyroll should show up in this list. From there you can access new shows as well as your queue. Once you pick an episode to watch, tap your screen and select the options at the bottom, this looks like some sliders, there you can change the quality of the video. I've set mine to 1080p and it runs perfectly.

I just set this all up in a matter of like 15 minutes, it does work and if your android is your main viewing source the 5 bucks for the plex app is probably worth it.

If you have any questions or problems shoot me a PM.
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Posted 8/25/14

LegionsKnight wrote:

Last I heard, their Android developer went on hiatus and then eventually gave notice and left. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding.

That happened before the person that developed their OUYA app and the more recent revisions to the Android app came on board. Whether that person is still with the company is something I don't know.

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Posted 12/9/14 , edited 12/9/14
How hard is it really to make option for different streaming quality? I mean doesn't any companies make pre made players to be implemented in different devices. This is what makes me download anime so i can get the highest quality possible wherever i watch it on it just bad how this dam streaming features are so dam slow... But maybe plex is a good choice i only used it for local streaming though.
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Posted 12/13/14 , edited 12/13/14
plex works well for mobile as well... I use it all the time... Haven't tried 1080p but 720p works flawlessly on my phone and tablet tethered to my phone. (LTE/4G)

Lack of HD in the Crunchy roll app is what led me to cancel my subscription after more than 3 years.
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