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Posted 8/28/14

I need to get this out of my chest. I've been playing a lot of MMO's, but eventually I get bored of them, you know grinding, questing, exp, exp and the best items were only obtainable through raids/dungeons, special items that aren't unique, cause of others were able to obtain, the map never changes, nothing I do in a game matters cause it resets and that bore me to no end, but recently with the sandbox being released I saw potential, but again not much.

So I kept thinking what I wanted to see. While I enjoy the lore, the lore never changes, the world never changes and I grew to hate the restrictions that classes and equipment opposes everytime.

Limited to a faction, I really hate this, you know, either you belong to this and to that, not really an option for the MMO to grow, why can't we just create one of our own?The lore just keeps on repeating and repeating and we cannot create one of our own. Which gets boring.

Saying this, also, most factions just offer to be the good guys, or bad guys, which is boring. Why can I choose to be whatever I want with consequences? Why if I want to be a PK and have a bounty on my head, guards that can capture me, and actually being thrown in jail and remove from my inventory, but just like Dishonored, being able to break out of jail with skills and even being able to craft with your hands some items to escape.

World exploration, MMO's don't offer any of it. Mini-map, map. the whole land is just discovered as you just get close to it, that's not exploration, that's boring. The interaction with it is meh, you walk nearby and it appears. Specially at night, there is light everywhere, why can't there be nights when you can't see anything if you don't have a lantern, or a torch? Force the players to experience a world, have them walk around without a mini-map or map.

Well. I'll just sum up my suggestions to not make this a hug rant.

The MMO must not have character's levels. Instead as you constantly play skills are increased, depending on what skills you use, even running/swimming the character gains these alone without interaction of a HUD for the player to select, these must work like this so the player's actions reflect on the character alone.

Skills are totally free, you start the game with the ability to learn skills, but as well, crafting, the player should be able to craft/create new skills, but these skills cannot have a next level that can earned or like improved. Each time you use it, you earn an experience, just like real life. Also, a punishment from not using them will decrease the skill's exp, it might take weeks or months. There shall be a limit on how many skills can be capped at the same time, just like IRL.

So in the end, you can create your own class and name it in your profile. You got sets from a thieft, but you feel like you are more of a ninja, good be a ninja.

Learning system. I was thinking that a character should be able to learn or get an idea how to perform a skill/spell/craft by watching someone do it. This could lead to more interaction with other players.

NPC's. They need to change. I don't like them doing everything everyday. Let's say make quests once a week, have NPC's travel from one two to another. A quest to either watch over a store, or a quest to go with them.

Inventory, one single bag inventory, a magical bag should only be one, but instead of holding 6 slots, have it at 30 slots the beginner's one. Maybe the ultimate one could have 200-300 slots.

Clothes restrictions gone. You can combine a series of clothes, armor, plate boots, leather shirt, etc. All of them will offer different stats, but also it should affect mobility and would affected by environment. The clothes can deteriorate to the point they cannot be fixed. Clothes are also influenced by the environment, such if your character is wearing heavy, warm clothes during a sunny hot day they would walk slow. Are their wearing nothing but underwear in the tundra? They would move slow too, but also tremble.

In-game voice system, I demand it, cause of the system the game manages it, during wars/raids/events not just it should focus in fighting, why not an event that takes place in-the world, as in a big area, but also it affects other areas too. You might win a battle, against the big boss, but if you don't focus in certain area that is apart from them the war might be lost. So an strategy might be require to coordinate attacks, cause is a war, there might not be continous attacks, the war might take sometime, it could go from one day to a month. Sabotage, spies, double-agents, all the real life issues, it could also lead to diplomatic solutions, who knows. But I want this game so bad to exist.

Also, scar system. Wouldn't it be more fun that your armor and clothes not just get pierced but your character as well get some scars? Like a face scar that takes a good chunck of it, a reminder of a battle between some one.

And the AFK/Log out system. The character will never disappear from the game, instead they remain in the game, and I want to include a learning system that learns from the player's actions with their champion. So if you are in a middle of a quest, in the middle of a raid and you Disconnect for whatever reason your character won't disappear or do nothing, or just fall asleep, in x time with no respond the character will take actions from what it learned from you, and as well will use the combo/fighting style and preferences selected that I mention bellow.

Combo/Fighting Style combination HUD, this goes from melee to range attacks, and even heals. A system that allows you to input if, if-not, while, loop commands that meet conditions (let's say if opponenets are > 3 and character's health is < XX% they would use a different series of attacks/spells but as well able to use some hotkeys for attacks, if possible as well, a MIC option that allows the player to say the name of the skill and the character will perform it.

Action HUD, in-game you can set different styles as well and can be activated even during combat. The action HUD can be set easily for different things.

Environment/World. I want the world to be changable. Like writing down on a wall, and it remains there, unless someone removes it or writes something on top of it. Buildings should be able to break, to fall down if a player destroys it. Same goes with an entire city, to encourage players to protect cities, towns or destroy them. The players can also reconstruct said destroyed buildings and as well NPC's. But if an NPC dies, they don't respawn or revive. They are dead for sure. Buildings can also be purchased at some insane amount of money and some buildings will require to have a guild. It will have some requirements. Also, I want the world to be explorable, and not have restrictions that are invible walls. I want them to climb walls, mountains, get into caves that are so dark that you are blind. Also, I want people to use the environment, imagine creating an avalanch, or diging a trap, use the river, etc.

Quests, I guess there can be some early on quests, but I don't want them to be the main story, the story of the game should be something the player decides. If they make a guild, and decide to go take over a kingdom (NPC) and crown their guild leader as King they should. Other guilds, and even NPC's attempt to take over too. Maybe a player can set a bounty, ,maybe the can offer their services as a teacher, or as a bodyguard, have guilds place quests for everyone to pick up too. Like go hunt X things, or bring something, maybe steal the plans for x Project from other guild or NPC's.

Thieves upgrades, they need to be able to steal, to make no sounds, use trees, climb walls, use the shadows to become invisible, to make a character fall asleep even if they are players. Sneak inside buildings, remove the ban option I guess. To make it more real, have a skill they can use to read messages, or listen other people talking through walls, and etc.

For I just don't want merely combat. I want to create wards between guilds/kingdoms. Create their own faction, their own kingdom, or undergo as one, to create conflicts or solve them. Steal information, and sell it, that strategy is part of the game, not just fight with swords, spells.

Professions, same as classes, but unlike other MMO's so far. I want the worl to progress. They start as a fantasy world, but who said they cannot craft weapons such guns? But of course, these you won't be able to find, to encourace people to discover new things about the game, remove the tutorials. Remove guides that help you finish the game. Have the players influence the world, not just by one or two hours or a week or two, everything the player does inflicts changes into the world, into the economy.

They can create something for them or to sell.

Also, for crafting, crafting should be higher than anything else, there might be quests for epic stuff, but a crafter will have a higher impact in the game. They can make bombs, tramps, contracts, vehicles, artillery, self-defense mechanisms, even maybe devices that hepl you out.

And that said, the looks of them can be imported, so not everything they make will be the same. It will have a cost with real money, but here is where it gets good, you can sell them and trade the in-game monetary into real money too. The transaction will take some money so the game can make some money aswell for that I want a mega-server. Like something out of SL. Stats for weapons and stuff like that, guns, depending on their crafting level and materials it will generate random numbers. Influence by the experience of the character it will also work like that. So each item even though similar might sell differently.

As well, you could offer your services to build a house or sell buildings. Buildings could be bought with real money, sell them for in-game currency and trade that money. As well, if you get a building or become a king you can earn money through taxes, but will be forced to pay your guild members. A way to earn money through a game, can charge the habitants, but also players who user certain buildings.

I want some servers to serve as main cities though. And each server shall hold a city that is different and each player should connect to those cities they are close, but they can travel to other cities. I want it to be a whole world. Different from each city. Nothing being the same. Encouraging more than anything exploration, and giving the player an unique experience.

Well, maybe one day I'll get to see this. If not, I should look into creating it. But anyway, you guys got some suggestions?
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Posted 8/28/14 , edited 8/28/14
It's more or less the sort of thing I'd want in a game by the sound of it xD

Full customisation would be what I wanted... Character, clothes, armour, weapons, bases, spells etc. I especially like the idea of being able to make a nation or faction
I'd probably opt for a first person view that you can zoom out of (like skyrim or oblivion for example) rather than the sort of camera you find in LoL or Dungeon Hunter etc.

Also not pay to win
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Posted 8/28/14
Exactly. Not pay to win, with the system of money in-game currency exchange it should be F2P. Though there could be wars for resources, but if they land is vast, there might not be a need, but the need to explore would be great.

Full customization is a must, probably I'd like to add a variaty of species/races that can be similar to Skyrim, but would love to add from tiny and as well, why not animals while at it. I think it would be nice. As well each one of them shall have special stats, if they have fur they should be able to endure the tundra without much armor on, or lizards should be able to widthstand heat.

I forgot to mention that you cannot track anyone in a map, and you can't visualize their in-game name/stats. The job from assassins/ninjas would suck that way for them, so sneaking into buildings or a castle should be easy, but abilities of a hunter/tracker should counter them. I thought of this system as in your character would use a color of your choice. For an example the screen would turn navy blue layered on top, an orangle glow would illuminate recent activity by anyone, such as footsteps, objects recently touched etc. Which can be combined as a thief, extra hearing that can work like an echo system, similar to seeing through walls, except they would just see like drops of water, just waves with each steps and if they talk or open a door, but if someone is like a ninja too, that are silent walkers they cannot detect them, however they can be tracked.

At some point in some MMO's I became I crafter. I specialized in farming and crafting, then I was into the market and was selling and buying as well. It was fun, but that never threw any stats, I couldn't get any power over anyone and farming got harder as more started to obtain unique items, since in MMO's the best items are found in raids, impossible to craft. And raids take too long sometimes, there is not really a balanced system.

It does favors those who play a lot, but through skills on their own, but it will reward those who are willing to explore and be creative, in a way of skills or weapons or by buying and selling. But they will eventually require bodyguards, to be honest, I want this game to exist cause it will not be focused in one lore, each one of the players might be able to become a legend in-game.

Oh, and not just kings. The system can be changed dramastically if a guild takes over a kingdom, they can turn it into a democratic system, or whatever they want.

As for the guild banks, that would be the only place no one can steal stuff. To prevent from going into war, but in the street they might steal or out in the world. And I was thinking, if one gets sent to jail without the abilities of a thief, perhaps they can request help from their friendlist or anyone, maybe bride the NPC's to get them out of there, or take someone hostage and get out.
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Posted 8/30/14 , edited 9/7/14
Have you looked into Darkfall? Or maybe Archeage? Darkfall is a subscription based game and I've played it for a bit, there are many skills you learn as you use them, like jumping, sprinting, swimming, combat, trade, and gathering skills.

ArcheAge has farmville mechanics, where you can have a farm and grow crops and raise animals. There are tons of crafting and gathering skills you can level up. You can build ships and cars (think steampunk vehicles). You can also build guild castles and take over parts of the northern territory. This game comes out in 2 weeks for offcial launch, open beta starts on the 8th I believe.
Posted 9/1/14 , edited 9/1/14
Everquest Next is promising this.

What I want in a MMO is basically old school Everquest 99-2003...

Has been no game like it...

No instances, everything you could possibly want you got from other players.. Fast travel, buffs, groups, etc.. This also made it to where when an expansion came out there was actually still a way to do old content. For new players/guilds were still doing it and there was a steady progression for raiding.. no hopping to the front of the line with easy handed out gear.. (As soon as instances were introduced old content became dead in EQ)

Hard but not impossible to solo and for the most part better off grouping from level 1- max.. some classes had it easy and could solo so its good to leave the option open

Quests should be long and hard.. some taking months to complete..running errands over and over is boring as all hell...

Dungeons are large areas where several groups can share.. and Raids are first come first served....

Basically in order to encourage an awesome community the game has to use group psychology to corner players into having to communicate and use each other.. It doesn't get rid of the self centered nature of internet people but it does create a less hostile environment, because offending players are ostracized by the community or forced to group together to try to live because no one else will play with them and will kill if possible.. or simply have them on ignore.. and with no anon /lfg system that forces you to group with people they were screwed.

Archeage and some other games coming up are starting to use some of these methods.. But I would like to see a full sandbox some day.. So tired of being led around by the hand till i get bored.. I really like the idea of Landmark/EQ next but I dont think they will stray from hand-holding.

Black Desert and Pathfinder Online are both worth watching as well.. Tho Black Desert is korean and we prolly wont see till a few years after korean release..
Posted 9/9/14
arena combat with items gambled to winner
option to fight npc for items.
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Posted 9/20/14
I used to play aika, the part that was really fun about it was nation wars where each nation trys to steal artifacts that give nation buffs but it turns to P2W at lvl 48 and also a grindfest, with no quests at all. I havn't played it in years tho.
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Posted 9/20/14
I am excited by the Nemesis system to Shadows of Mordor, the NPC gets familiar with the player and has unique interactions with them. I would like all NPCs to interact this way, What is Fred the black smith has his wife Helga killed by an orc raid, gives up his hammer and anvil for a sword and a shield. you are adventuring one day and boom, he is there saving your ass or vice versa because you were always good business to him. Or what is the woodsmen gets caught in a battle, suffers some massive damage and turns doomsday prepper, starts building a deep forest bunker and sniping friend or foe that walks into his territory.
I would really like if you get some friends together and claim a land take over the upkeep, building it up, making it stronger, throws up a red flag with a neighboring kingdom who does the same, now the orc in the area are getting jumpy because man is getting stronger all around them, they do the same and start raids on supplies or starts some stuff with one of the townships to pick one another apart.
Not to get too Fanboy but I really like a lot of the sword art online GP, but more character customization since they all looked like one another, being 6'4" and 315lbs I would make a lousy mage (Maybe Louie style from Rune Soldier) but that is my favorite class since it is harder to make it through a quest with low HP and no lucky +15 sword of awesomeness. I digress back to your awesome initial post btw
I want to be able to get a wild hair up my ass at any time and change my focus, maybe I am a blacksmith making large gold pouches in my free time, but then chose to leave the town for a life on the road, find a sweet little spot in the wild, cut down a tree, build a house, surround it with a fence, homestead, quest, have my world turned upside down at anytime, love interests that get bored if you spend all day long building spell components, and run off with the hot female warrior with the face tattoo. then loath turn assassin or blade for hire, til that day I find the two ladies strung out on Skooma, turning tricks for the next cork pop, when she begs me to take her back, give the both of them the best night of their live and leave in a first light to join the high kingdom and their quest for the eradication of forest pixies in the northern lands. Loose my mind on a pixy dust bender, only to be found by Fred the blacksmith who saves my life as I lay dying on the battle field, and he takes me in as his business partner in a blacksmith shop in the first town i started off in.
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Posted 9/26/14

boom, ur welcome

thank me later.. peace out
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