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PolygonMari wrote:

angryaria wrote:

Everyone hates that Mana was strong and unbreakable, while I find it inspiring. She's a role model. Not every protagonist needs to be an everyman that we can relate to. Sometimes it's nice to look up to someone with an indomitable spirit and the strength to match it.

This was something I really liked too. I feel like most of the hate against her and the show became more of a meme than anything else. It's rare to see main characters, especially female ones, being strong, skilled and competent. We usually have the typical lazy kid, who's always eating, late for school, forgetting to do homework and awkward around others. Mana was the complete opposite of all those usual tropes.

And yeah, while a lot of the story focused on her, the other characters still got plenty to do. It's not as much the "Mana Show" as some people imply. It's really no different from most of the other shows, even Happiness Charge is underusing most of its characters at this point thanks to the focus on a very boring love triangle plot.

Aside from Tsubomi, Mana is easily my favourite lead Precure.

the "mana show" meme may have been overplayed but the "everyone is in Mana's harem" meme is juuuuuuust right

I've finally started GoGo. I'm always amazed at how pretty the background art is in the Yes5 series. It's just super artistic.

Also it cracks me up when certain (Urara) episodes randomly switch to incredible art direction. Is that Ninji Takahashi's doing?
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