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Posted 8/28/14 , edited 8/30/14
by SlayerNatsu

Glasslip is a slice of life about five young friends, their antics, and love triangles. This is a great show for young adults as they are sure to get wrapped up in the plot. Of the five, four have been friends for years and know each other well. A fifth member of the group is introduced and throws their whole dynamic for a loop!

The main character is Touku Fukami a cheerful, quiet, and quirky character. Kakeru Okikura is a transfer student with an obvious mysterious and brooding personality. These two dynamics bring out a lot of interesting characteristics in each other, since they are such opposites, yet fit together so well. A nice surprise is the rest supporting cast is very likable, a rare feat I must admit. Set at a relaxing pace, you will still find many twists in store. This is a thoughtful show that will keep your attention, but not exhaust you. As the show progresses, the viewer is clued in about the various love triangles, which are quite complex and difficult to work out at times. All of the relationships between the characters may be hard to understand at first, but that's what keeps it interesting. Trust me, it's definitely worth the effort once you get everything figured out. The first few episodes are difficult to get into, but it all comes together and you will be glad you stuck around!

Even if the plot is not enough to keep you hooked, the animation and artwork surely will. Both the music and artwork were clearly carefully selected to create the perfect effect and feelings in the viewer. One of the greatest parts about Glasslip is the animation. The colors are vivid and the art is crisp/unique which adds immensely to the mysterious feeingl of this show. A great example is the fireworks in the first episode, in which they used various techniques that perfectly encompass what it’s like to be lost in a moment, something you have to experience for yourself!

If you’re looking for an easy and interesting slice of life to take your mind off of the day, then this is the perfect show. Some may say that this show moves too slow in the pacing of the plot line, but I think that this adds to the mystery of the show and characters, and adds to the overall feeling that the creators intended. It’s not necessarily slow, it’s just really in-depth with getting to know how the characters are during their everyday life. The characters, and show itself, are relatable , likable, and easy to follow. My verdict: Add some variety, mix in Glasslip with Sword Art Online/Akame ga Kill! and you got yourself the perfect anime recipe! Now streaming on Crunchyroll, don't let it "slip" your mind!

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Posted 8/30/14
Love Glasslip and its funny how you said about mixing it up with SAO and Akame ga kill! lol watching these while they air
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