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WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Design your own Eye Technique! Win copies of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM Revolution!
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/16/14

Hey guys! SailorBee here! With a special Naruto Contest!

We were able to choose 3 XBOX Winners and 3 PS3 winners! Crunchyroll Ambassador Suki Cosplay joined me as a guest judge! She's one of our official Naruto Shippuden cosplayere, particularly as Kakashi Sensei! She choose all XBOX Winners! Let's here what she thought of her top 3 picks!


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Suki Cosplay : What I really like about this design is not only the qualities of the Doujutsu, but also the limitations the creator set. Much like how the Sharingan has its drawbacks, so too does the Denjingan. I especially like how a consistent use of this power would force the user to wear sunglasses. In addition, the writer did an excellent job of describing the Doujutsu itself, which is based on scientific research and training which allows skilled Shinobi, combined with hard work, to use this power. As for the design itself, the swirling purple electricity does well to evoke a sense of the natural energy required in using this power


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Suki Cosplay: I enjoy the fact that it’s using scientific theories and concepts to create this Doujutsu. Indeed, the Wormhole theory and the Loop Theory are utilized pretty nicely to create a Doujutsu that allows minimal time-space manipulation.The different powers that are time jumping and Time stopping are realistic without being over powered as well.
Details such as hands signs and different stages also add to the whole description making it a very complete idea !


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Suki CosplayThe concept is well thought out and very original. Furthermore, it has a deep emotional aspect to it. It's a power that comes with a burden for the owner and a cause of being weaponized, just like the Jinchuriki. Witnessing a death mentally is a really traumatic experience, one not to be taken lightly and could easily be a riveting back story for a character. The design of the eye itself is well done and the little manga adds to the description. Overall, I love it congrats !

For more information about Suki Cosplay, follow her on Facebook!

NOW IT'S TIME FOR OUR PS3 WINNERS~! These were all chosen by myself with some help from the boys and gals in the office!

PS3 THIRD PLACE: Ctonhunter

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SailorBee: I chose this entry because how useful is this Jutsu? Let's be real. Have you ever seen a cow in Naruto? Like ... at all? I can think of a character dressed in Cow print, but not a real COW. Regardless this one was chosen based off of the creativity factor, and the fact that it was presented in a super serious manner. I actually don't think this is a joke. I really wish I was born into a family of Usigan users. (Because I don't condone the killing of innocent cows in the name of Milk - I'm lactose intolerant.) But, maybe I wouldn't be if I had the Usigan ability.. who knows...


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SailorBee: I think the concept behind this optical jutsu's abilities is super interesting. The amount or the extent of the ability the user has on hand is dependent on the amount of chakra they have at their disposal. Thus, an immense amount of meditation and training must be done to unlock it's full potential. Once a user has reached the point -- they are able to do things that include "having another version of yourself from another dimension dying in your stead." Seeing multiple timelines at once, and seeing yourself - relating to yourself, and killing that "other person" must be crippling, and completely destroy the psyche of the user. It was just so scary reading the description! A huge power with an even bigger drawback.


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SailorBee: I chose this entry based on concept as well. The flower imagery is really clever, with petals representing each of the chakra natures! The description given even mentions that you can protect your ally or your enemy using this technique. I feel like this really echoes the themes seen in the Naruto universe. The eye also absorbs chakra nature/attacks used against the user, and it does not empower the user, it simply retains it, which was a concept that again echoes the defensive nature of this technique and the user.

Special thanks to EVERYONE THAT ENTERED! You guys are amazing and it took us a combined ... 10 hours to choose the six winners! We will be messaging the winners, who will have 14 days to claim their prize! So check your inboxes now!!!

Look out for our next great contest!!

<3 SailorBee


This time, we're offering up chances to win NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM Revolution!

What do we want you to do ?

We are asking users to create and describe their OWN "Optical Jutsu," which we are using in lack of a better term.
This means create you're own type of Jutsu - describe it, explain it-, and draw or design the way the user's eyes would look.

How to enter:

Post your entry in this thread! Make sure that you tell us if you want the PS3 or XBox 360 version, as well as what size t-shirt you want!

We will be accepting entires until September 9th at 11:59pm PST.

What you'll win:

We will be giving away a total of 6 copies of NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM Revolution!
3 copies of the PS3 version & 3 copies of the XBox 360 version.
Amazing T-shirts, and one Naruto Figure for each winner!
We will be choosing 6 winners total!

Check back for more details about prizing.

See ya guys!

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Posted 9/2/14
OH, i like the sound of this contest, will be working on this!
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/15/14
Good luck to people who enter. I already bought my copy on Steam so this is a tab bit late...
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22 / M / Stockholm, Sweden
Posted 9/2/14
Is it the European version or the American version of the game?
Posted 9/2/14
Hmm I might try this contest out......though I'm not sure how much free time I'll have to work on a design, but I'll hopefully be able to come up with something. I already have a couple ideas.
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/10/14
Either Ps3 or XBox are both okay > T-shirt Size Medium

The Prism Eye (Sealing Jutsu) :
The Caster will loss all their all 5 of their sense during cast and can only individual target within the slight of the caster.
Once this jutsu is activated; the target loss all their Jutsu ability that involves Chakra.
Tail Beast and possibility limited Kekkei genkai are the only exception to this.

This forbidden technique cannot be undone by taking out the caster or by distancing oneself from the caster.
It can only be undone by either the Caster themselves or by breaking the eye. <Hidden Secret 1>

The Prism Eye Optical Jutsu are a kept secret known only by selective member(s) within the village.
Aside from imprisoning Chakra usage during war time; this technique has also been regularly cast on their own combatant ninja(s) during peace period.
"Energy* doesn't just disappear" <physics>
Similar to Tsunade's Yin Seal: Release which is a powerful self sealing technique that enable all build up chakra during a period of time to instantly disperse all over her body during battle. However the Prism Eye Jutsu was forbidden by the **new Kaga which sets it worlds apart from the Yin Seal.

It carries a heavy drawback on both the caster and the (1) target this was casted and released upon.
Tsunade's unseal releases unlock charkra that was storage over a period of time and allow them to be utilize.
Th Prism Eye releases not only the stored amount but also enable one to draw power beyond one's current potential.
If that power is much more than what the bearer can carry; He/She will Fall at the end of the Battle.
The Caster depending on how much power was released will also be blinded for an extended amount of time.
Their previous kage draw power from this and managed to protect their village but ___**

Good Luck to All
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/2/14

Just colored in some stock manga eyes from the internet
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29 / F
Posted 9/2/14

I want the 360 version :)
and a Medium sized T-Shirt
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17 / F / Basketball Court
Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/3/14
Might try this contest out if I find some free time.
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28 / M / USA
Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/10/14
This is cool and all, and as much as I love NARUTO, I'm fucking SICK of "Eye Techniques" and the Uchiha =_= .... Especially after the current arc in the manga! (I won't post any spoilers) Sharingan, Rinnegan, Byakugan... ENOUGH ALREADY! Why can't this just be a contest for creating your own ninja technique in general? *Sighs...* Well, my little rant is over. Excuse me.... Just a frustrated NARUTO fan XD
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Posted 9/2/14
Well baisically the shimergan or the simmering flash jutsu is a power in which the user can bend and move light to make aromor and a staff like weapon as well as cast a special genjutsu on the oponent. To cast the user must close the eyes through the deration of the jutsu which not only makes them vulnerable to attacks but also easeir for the opponent to evade. The jutsu once used on the enemy can cause a genjutsu like feel confusing the enemy and the user can further the attack by making the light aromor which gives an increase to speed and damage resistance. I am unable to upload a photo so I'm sure this won't count but still I have lots of jutsu ideas an wanted to share one for the people to read :3 I have both PlayStation 3 and xbox 360 and I wear a 3xl shirt. (Mostly cause I like to sleep in them) so anyways. The user should have a dark grey eye with a white swirl going inward during the jutsu.
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/3/14
sadly my PS3 needs a new disk drive so I don't feel like entering, too bad I had an idea for eyes that cause instant diarrhea.
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20 / F
Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/9/14
PS3 version and medium shirt please It's a bit long sorry about that
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/6/14
Eyes of infinite gaze

These eyes have the power to (then looking into someone elses eyes) to completly take over their body and mind. basically making them a shadow clone version of them selve.

A Xbox 360 copy and large t-shirt
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/4/14
PS3, LARGE shirt

My optical jutsu is called "Mirror style: Pure truth jutsu"

Its a counter to visual genjutsu, in order to use this one must sacrifice a different sense ( touch, taste, smell, etc.) While its in use, once the jutsu ends all negative effects disappear]

This jutsu adds a reflective coat around the users eyes and reverses visual prowess back towards the opponents but costing amounts of chakra depending on the strength of the genjutsu.
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