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Posted 8/29/14 , edited 8/29/14

General Rules

1:Any negative behavior outside of role playing will not be tolerated and will result in ban

2:You do not have to join either faction but if you happen to be an unholy you will be hunted by both

3:Be literate in your rp no one liners or vague descriptions

4:Only one ability and one passive

5:Be at least a little bit realistic in your fights no jumping 50 feet in the air and matrix fighting while your falling -_-

6: Do not rp other characters that you do not own! no punching someone in the face and making them cry! you throw a punch then the other player will rp how your target reacts....they might cry

7:No god modding!

8:Do not DO NOT be that physic ability reader who knows exactly what your opponent is made of in your first encounter!

9:Just have fun guys and slay some bad guys...or good guys.

10: Always Respect ChaoticJules cause he is the best person in the word.

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