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F / Y o u r H e a r t
Posted 8/29/14 , edited 11/2/14

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I figured this would be a better form of communication than group message in regards to finding a partner.
Hope everyone utilizes it and finds a partner! Please, don't be afraid/shy to ask. We're all looking for rp partners, I don't want anyone left behind!

Some Tips;
PM a member who hasn't roleplayed yet.
Comment on the Wall and ask if anyone wants to rp.

To find the best match (what is this a dating site?), add your characters
name, picture, bio,

romantic interest (if you want),
and any other info you already have.
Also discuss where you will be doing your roleplaying.

Don't forget, once you find a partner, announce that somewhere in your post so members know that your character is taken!
(Of course, you always have the option of group roleplaying, with multiple partners)
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23 / F / L-O-C-A-T-I-O-N L...
Posted 8/29/14 , edited 8/29/14
Name: Daphne

Bio: Daphne doesn't really speak of her past because well there's not much to speak of! Pixies are kicked out of the home at 50 yrs old (7 yrs old) and forced to live and survive on their own, that's why there are so few even though they birth 10 at a time...Anyways, Daphne's been through a lot, especially in the human world. Their energy was so pure, it was like a drug, and she got addicted. She took the lives of many, without meaning to, she saw what this was doing to her soul and eventually left, and found her way here. She's desperately trying to teach herself to control her powers more, they seem to go out of control with her emotions sometimes...
Romantic Interest: Whoever's interested in my character, male or female it doesn't matter, (first come first serve!) we will rp and see how it goes :)
Where: Depends on the other person, for instance my character is a pixie so the woods would be her main area

(Plz pm or quote if interested)
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19 / M / Summoners Rift
Posted 9/3/14 , edited 9/3/14
Name: Tyson
Bio: Long story short, he killed his family so now he's trying to master his powers, get stronger, etc.
Romantic Interest: He's still gonna be a little nuts this early in the rp, but eventually he'll be attracted to any girl that can keep him in check if he ever loses control.
Where:Currently in the abandoned village, trying to get some character development going on.
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25 / F / The corner of Hel...
Posted 9/10/14 , edited 9/10/14
Name: Myste/Elana
Bio: To put it simply, she was homeless most of her life, 'till her aunt found out about her and hired someone to find her. The person who was to find her had seen how wary she was and didn't want to get beat up, so he drugged her. The drug was supposed to put her to sleep, but it ended up causing a split between her demon half and her angel half, causing her personality to split as well.
Romantic interest: Would have to be able to get both sides to like you, good luck!
Where: Currently wandering in the forest, but can wander into any place, since she's LOST
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19 / M / Coolorado
Posted 10/26/14 , edited 10/27/14
Goodness me, it's been a while.

Name: Corvo
Bio: Long story short, Corvo is a ghoul (man eating humanoid) whose friends and family were exterminated by humans. He hates humanity as a whole, and looks for the power to wipe out those responsible for the deaths of his kin.
No picture. Deal with it.
Romantic interest: None (not yet anyway ;D)
Where: The dead have risen event
Posted 10/27/14 , edited 10/28/14


Name:: Kᴀᴇᴅᴇ Mᴏʀᴛɪᴀɴᴀ Aʀᴄ
Age:: Fᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ 17
Bio:: Can be found here
Where:: Event Forum thread, 4th page.

Note:: Just quote or PM if interested!
Status:: TAKEN!
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