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Are women objects?
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Posted 9/1/14 , edited 9/14/14
The majority of people would agree with you and say women are not objects. Even those who do things that most women find annoying and offensive probably don't see women as objects. The idea that people think/treat women like objects is ridiculous.

Pretty much everything you mentioned though is a result of our culture. Men and women both act like they do now because of culture and society, not just because of instinct. I'm sure women could be just as perverted as men, but that's not how women were supposed to be in society and that's how this stuff works. Though we do need to realize that we are humans, and one of our goals is to reproduce. It's just like eating food. We like food because we need it to survive. Food is just as much of a drug as what we actually consider drugs, our body tells us we need it, and in this case we do. So when we see attractive women, is it too far a stretch to assume men will stare, or at least look their way?

And for the overwhelming majority, most attractive people will probably never even notice men/women staring/glancing at them. It's not like men today are walking down the street searching for a hot girl. It mostly goes like: *you're walking down the street, you happen to glance at a very attractive girl*, "wow, she's attractive", and nobody ever even noticed.

And just to add in, we might not ever see a society where men and women are treated equal. It's hard to treat two things as equal when they aren't. Some might find that insulting, but it's something we need to realize.
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Posted 9/1/14
I'd usually ignore and not even bother to click on topics labeled like this one, but I'm glad this one isn't so bad.
The way I look at it; yes, the women you normally see publicized are attractive and supposed to be appealing to the many males that are viewing and possibly paying to see them. For magazines, if you pay attention and really take the time to think about it, they only display a very minuscule amount of the female population and should not be used as an argument for the entirety of females. While there are a lot of ladies that you notice wearing skimpy clothing, that's usually because most people notice that and pay no attention to the women that are properly dressed. You can hear a comment every day about a girl's rear or chest area, but how often do you hear someone say a lady was dressed decently? Again, it's mainly the small amount you notice over the large amount because they stand out in a way appealing to many males. You shouldn't say women put it upon themselves when it's the men that choose to notice and comment on the few women in skimpy clothing.
As for the porn industry, if you take any time to research where the majority of viewers are, you'll see that the majority is leaning heavy toward males. Sure, a few women sell their virtue or image, but the amount of men buying it far outweighs that. And that still doesn't mean that's how women are in general, in comparison, it's only the small amount that guys are watching. You may call those men "dogs" but just as I said for women, being considered a "dog" shouldn't count for all men just because some are.
Aside from that, I would never go as far as to say that even porn stars sell themselves as objects. They're doing their jobs for set periods of time like everyone else, not sleeping and waking to be used as a toy every day.
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Posted 9/1/14
what the?

no we aren't kidding...

there are certain people who mistreats women but generally not all do...
Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/14/14

GayAsianBoy wrote:

this is the same mentality with people who say it's the victims' fault that they get raped... well sorry for existing...

Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/14/14

Still_Ginger wrote:

Ugh I find this thread repulsive but I guess I'll answer.

Women are people, men are people. Everybody is human. Quit assigning stupid roles and stereotypes to specific genders, it's unnecessary. The people in porn are in porn because they made the choice to be, the people who watch porn watch it because they want to. If you can't control yourself in public when you see somebody you consider attractive that is your own fault, not the fault of the person you are looking at. It's this kind of mindset that leads to blaming victims for rape.

I know plenty of women who get harassed every single day regardless of what they are wearing. This has very little to do with the clothes on their body and a lot more to do with ridiculous people who can't control themselves when they see every woman as a walking pair of boobs and a vagina. Furthermore, if I hear one more ridiculous comment about class I am going to explode. Humans have free will and their own opinions, it's none of your business whether somebody is acting with class or not. People can wear whatever they want and act however they please and if you don't think it's classy I have bad news for you, it's not your decision to make.

Just start treating people like they are people and control your ridiculous urges. The fact that you could even consider it worth debate that women are objects of any sort is absolutely disgusting to me.

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28 / M / Ontario, Canada
Posted 9/2/14
This just in: women are people! Also, don't be a dick.

Seriously, what the hell people?
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21 / F / New zealand
Posted 9/2/14
Sadly some are used and perceived as "tools" as you mentioned but only an irrational person would come to that conclusion. Porn is a fantasy that men idolize too much. Women are all unique and should be treated as a significant person.
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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/2/14
Psychologists see those in the porn industry, especially porn stars, as tending to have personality disorders. The intense desire and desperate need for attention and acceptance, in any form, drives people to do things they normally would not do. It has nothing to do with women wanting to looked at, demoralized, or be objectified. Now, by no means does that mean people with personality disorders are prone to become porn stars. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and have no desire to have sex in front of a camera.

To the OP. This isn't meant as an insult but from what you have written you are slightly a misogynist. You are basically blaming women for how they are treated, and are telling women to basically shut up about it when they have an issue with how they are treated. Your entire post is an objectification of women and a representation of repressive sentiments towards women.

It's like punching someone over and over and you get upset because they're crying.
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Posted 9/3/14
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Posted 9/3/14 , edited 9/14/14
The objectification of women honestly disgusts me and I'm sad to see some people here support that. Women, like men, possess the capacity to make rational decisions, to experience emotions, and to live a human life. Considering someone an object implies that they do not live and lack intelligence. Women do not fit into this mold, and therefore do not deserve to be treated as such. As for the porn industry argument, pornstars make the conscious decisions to produce such films. It does not render them objects. They still are human, just with a different occupation. None of us are in a position to cast judgement on those who choose to participate in the industry. Just leave them alone.
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Posted 9/6/14
Couldn't make sense of what you were saying because you kept jumping topic. But to make a few points:
- Just because a woman spruces herself up to be beautiful or provides a form of entertainment and/or gratification does not mean she is an object. She is not something to be possessed, bought/sold, or "used."
- Just because a woman looks pretty does NOT give men the right to act like pigs. You have self control, just like a woman has no right to slap a man's ass you wouldn't have the right to slap hers. It's called being human and using your brain.
- Your argument seems to revolve around "We react to what's given to us." Yes, but you CAN choose how to react, you know that right? Like if someone is eating a piece of cheese you CAN choose not to run over and steal their cheese.

Aren't you the same person who made the "friendzoning" topic because you couldn't get women?
Posted 9/9/14

Baby gal, I agree 100% ~

I'm not going to even say anything just in case I light my own fume o;
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26 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 9/9/14
Nope. But some men tend to treat women as if they were an object.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 9/9/14 , edited 9/14/14
No. in fact most are more Decent PEOPLE then us men.
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Posted 9/13/14

After reading through all of this I have to say, thanks a lot for the eye cancer.

Out of all of your random rant let me touch on the issue of Porn. First a short history lesson, porn is not a new thing that was created in the last 20 years, which you claim to be. Ever since man kind started drawing a form of pornography has existed. Sexual art existed in abundance throughout all of Europe or should I said the Roman Empire, until the Christian Church deemed that images of a nude men & women were a sin against God and ordered their destruction. This caused one of the earliest known "black market" or "underground" trading of pornography, because the pieces that survived became very valuable to those that collected them.

Now as for "nudie-magazines" as you call them. They have existed for quite awhile as well, but lets talk about what was the most ground breaking and really opened the door for the adult industry, PLAYBOY. Hugh Hefner printed the first PLAYBOY in the spring of 1953 this magazine was undated because they did not expect that they would have the money to print any others. But because the first centerfold was Marilyn Monroe, the magazine sold out everywhere it was sold (which there where 53,991 copies printed and sold for .50 cents each). Do to the success of the first printing of the magazine Hefner was able to continue printing of the magazine but not without much resistance along the way. If you want to learn more I suggest you do some research yourself you can also watch a few movies that might help out, I would definitely suggest The People vs Larry Flint.

Now as far as your conclusion goes....

In conclusion, my most broadest point to sum it up: you can't change a male, especially what you give him . Women gave man porn, clothing for their beauty that catches the eyes of men, etc. It's all there in black and white, but you're still angry. These factors may get ill men addicted, and actually lead to a sexual crime unfortunately.

I have to say you must have been rejected by women many times to have such an angry view of them. Fact is as men we can control ourselves but we choose to look because we like what we see, but that does not give us the right to disrespect ANYBODY based off our choices. What women may do or wear as their choice and does not mean we can treat them as less of a person because of it.

I suggest you take a long look at yourself and figure out why your so angry at women. If it is just simply because your frustrated because you can't get anywhere with them, here's some advice just try talking to them as a person and not a piece of meat.Try talking to a girl you are interested in just like you would with a friend.

On the other hand if you decide that the more you think about women the angrier you get... You probably like men.
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