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Here's a silly idea I came up with for an anime I'd like to see in the future. It's a comedy series about a gang of delinquents who wake up one day to discover that they've transformed into cute girls! The gang could be called Armageddon and all the members could be nicknamed after natural disasters, like inferno, tsunami, tornado, etc. Even though they're in the bodies of cute girls, they still retain their punk-like mannerisms, using slang, cusswords, and exchanging playful insults with each other. As they're trying to find out the mystery as to what happened to their real bodies and how to get them back, they have a little fun in the process. Like there's this wimpy kid in their class who they like to use as a punching bag and openly call him a pussy to his face. They also try to form a harem around him just to mess with him (spoofing the harem genre). They also have a debate about who should play what kind of "dere" because the problem is that there are too many tsunderes in the room! (As the leader points out). But in the process they learn from their experiences being in girls bodies and get a taste for what attractive girls have to go though (being hit on all the time). The series should be called...Yankimoe! What do you guys think? Do you think Japan would ever do a series like this? Would this be a series you'd watch?
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