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Posted 8/30/14 , edited 4/30/15
At the risk of further redundancy, this is a list of games I've found featuring mermen. As you can see, I haven't found many of these.

The Pirate Mermaid
Indie Original English Language Visual Novel
An otome game in which the protagonist is a female pirate. There are two mermen involved, and one non-aquatic sorcerer. It features a morality meter. The game is still in development, but there is a demo available that can be downloaded from the official site: (site may be down)

The Merman's Captive
Indie Original English Language Visual Novel
A NaNoReNo project on the Lemmasoft forums that's still seeing a little sporadic development. The author has a male x female romance route finished and a male x male romance route in the works.

Kannou Mukashibanashi
Japanese Visual Novel
An otome game revolving around substories, each based off of a popular tale. In one of these, "The Little Mermaid" can be 'inverted', with the prince being turned into a merman.

Feel free to add any more if you know of any.
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