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Posted 9/1/14
Extra, Extra! Read all about it! News from the offline home-front, fresh off the press!

It would seem things are just beginning to heat up in the offline roleplay with the addition of a few old, but new faces added to the fold such as Piros the Third and Tsunami Silver Dragon who have rejoined our ranks, among others who have returned. On top of that it seems things have taken a crazy turn for one of our players, Kite, who seems to have gotten a message from a man who she would call a ghost and a job opportunity from the last person she'd have ever expected! Nutty, huh? Be sure to follow along and get all the details as they unfold in the Offline Roleplay!

Sadly however, there is a bit of tragic news; 3v1Lt33N!37iFf's character Tiffany passed away due to complications from her icy fate in the cold grips of the AIDA virus after 14 years of being a part of the roleplay. She will be remembered, and missed dearly. As they say though, with the ending of one chapter comes the beginning of a new one. Who knows what might be in store for us! Make sure to follow along and find out.

In other news, News Capture's Mitsuki Yoshida released a new report giving details that might shed some light on what is happening at CC Corporation and the mysteries behind "The World" R:2. This was the report:

In a recent mass email to all users of The World, CC Corporation stated that the servers have been taken offline for an indefinite amount of time due to technical difficulties. An interview had provided an explanation. There had been a malfunction with the cooling system, which inadvertently caused their entire system to overheat. When asked how all of there servers could have the same malfunction, they began to change the subject.

Unfortunately, CC Corporation seems unsure as to what damage, if any, this has done to the data that is stored on these servers. However they quickly promised to release more information as they continue their investigation and assessment. Users of the popular online title can only lay in wait, and hope for the best.

This has been Mitsuki Yoshida for News Capture, signing off.

Certainly strange indeed! What could CC Corporation be up to? Why give us such a weak excuse? Could it perhaps be the real reason? We'll just have to wait and find out! Until then keep checking back as we cover news on "The Twilight" and the Offline Roleplay as it progresses!
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