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banks are corrupt
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Posted 12/24/14
Nope, nothing like that has ever happened to me, got love usaa, that military banking takes care of you, any problem i have, solved, bam, done.
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Posted 12/25/14

ishe5555 wrote:

serifsansserif wrote:

slow news day, eh?

My mother's a banker. There's some "perks" to having her cosigned on all my accounts. (and using her as my teller)

Not surprising that there are perks from having her cosigned to your accounts. Often working at a financial institution, you can avoid some fees on your accounts, or get a discounted rate on loans. But that isn't much different from working at other places that might offer benefits of employment based on the industry (example, food industry - free or discounted food, software industry - free or discounted software, etc.)

It is surprising that you can use her as your teller, though. I don't know about banks specifically, but I work at a different type of financial institution and employees are restricted from being about to transact on their accounts at all. That is just one of the most basic of methods for attempting to prevent employee embezzlement/fraud. If that wasn't in place, auditors would have a fit.

you're right... i inda lied. she cannot process the money and such herself, but,rather, what i mean is that on my end, i ahve someone who takes care of most of my banking needs that i can trust.
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Posted 1/1/16
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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