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is Manga 2.0 Manga or anime?
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Posted 9/1/14
just got done watching after school of the earth and it was kind of good. now what is it
Posted 9/1/14 , edited 9/1/14
its own category... "manga 2.5" or 3.6
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Posted 9/1/14
It is, indeed, its own category ... it's what is sometimes called "inanimation" in the West, primarily still image slideshows with voiceover and sound effects ... with some modest tricks (pans & scans, lip flaps) to make it more visually appealing.

I like it ... at least, the ones with the Japanese audio track and either subtitles or text bubbles in English. Their English dubs have been extremely stilted, so I much prefer it when they get the Japanese audio.

The fact that it's its own kind of thing generated from the manga art is why I think that both anime and manga subscribers should have ad-free access to the Manga 2.5 content.

I'd also like it if they branched out into doing the same thing for some Drama CD's, where instead of hiring an audio track for manga art that they already have, they could start with the audio track, and hire new, or adapt existing, manga art to go along with it.
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Posted 12/22/15
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