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Posted 9/1/14
Nice to meet everyone, and here is some of my poetry, my original poetry was first posted @ Forbidden Past...
I shall be adding some currently written pieces, as well, so you can decide for yourself what my style is like
I love Robert Louis Stevenson, Percy Bysshe Shelley & Edgar Allan Poe
My role model for written poetry is Emily Dickinson, May she be blessed wherever she is now *tear*

Fate is gold
Freedom, dark and cold
Desire is in winning
Influence ebbs and flows

Glass Wall

I am outside looking in through an invisible barrier, pushing me away
Further and further it pushes me back, away from you
I, silently, cry inside a little
Wishing you were here with me on this side of the wall that you have made
A division of your body, mind & soul
Subtracting each piece of yourself until you are not whole
'til there is nothing left for me to hold to
Then, again, how can I hold on with glass in the way

*When I sing this as a song, I do so with a contemporary~style* I hope someday I can turn my songs into videos so people can hear how I sing them :D

Somewhere Between Here & Heaven

One day we will cry
For those who are gone and those who will die
One way we will drive
Just to get away or to feel alive
Remember the good times

Lost & listless, I'm in a haze
Looking back on those old days...
Wandering around I am found
Somewhere between Here & Heaven

Bird in flight we will see
Fly away and be free
This Song of Might I sing & beseech
Love & Freedom I dcree

Wandering around, I am found
Somewhere between Here & Heaven
Somewhere between Here & Heaven

*I wrote these as song lyrics with the genre being Psychodelic Rock, like Grace Slick's Somebody to Love or White Rabbit* Composed & written in Sept/Oct of 2012 during the Referendum 74 effort in Spokane, Washington. A few people helped with the lyric and song composition Thanks Carol, from the Inland NorthWest LGBT Center, now known as New Beginnings.

I do hope you continue to read my thread and enjoy my poetry and song lyrics
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Posted 9/2/14
The tranquility i feel as i fend off my sleep
The anxiety i gaze upon while I dream
Roll, squirm, and twitch a bit
To sleep. To rest. To wake. To cry
I cry when i wake
My body is a log
That i drag to the shower.
As the lumberjack do i cut it in half
Pieces fall as i scrub the traces of sleep away.
Can i just fall asleep without having to go through the process
Can i just pass out
Can that be the end

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36 / F / Not where I want...
Posted 9/4/14
Thank you, I am glad someone else likes poetry, too :D

I appreciate the support for this thread *tear*


A single tear falls

Gently down, down

My face to the floor

The Sky lowers the clouds

Just an inch closer to

Earth as She falls from

Heaven's Ascent

The Judgement passed

So long ago...

Everyone was Damned

God didn't care

He never did

All we have is each other

That's all that really

Mattered to us

Since the Beginning

And until the End

(written today and time~stamped)

I'm a Buddhist, so it doesn't bother me one bit, but it is an accurate description of my view on religion today :)

A Pagan Hindu~istic Buddhist

Dynion Mwyn has a lot of Buddhist & Hindu concepts, and lots of inspiring soul~lifting ideas of what is one's true spirit. It helped me find mine... Loves ~ <3 ~

spiritquest aka Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS*)
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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