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Posted 9/2/14 , edited 9/2/14
If you want some tips on how to make your profile better please keep reading!

1 : Colourful!

Make your profile colourful! You could make your text pretty colours! Like brights blues, pastel pinks, different shades of reds! This will make your profile stand out and be different. You could also have some colourful pictures or pixel arts on your profile.

To have different text colour then please use this >.

[*style color="hotpink"*] Please remove the * You can find a list of colours here

2: Profile layout

You could have a profile layout which you make by using BB Codes. You can find BB Codes at Crunchyroll Profile Help here on CR. You can make your profile your own! You can have different styles it will also make your profile look neater xD


3: Add Pictures!

You could add pictures to your profile. You could have pictures of your favourite Anime or singers! You could even add some GIFS. If you add GIFS then please use the [*img]image url[/*img] format. to get image url just right click on image.
Just remember not to add too many pictures! Especially GIFS this can make peoples PCs run slowly when its loading your account.


Well, I think that is it! I hope this helps you <3 If there is anything else I will add it later ^^
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