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Here everyone can talk about themselves, their hobbies, interests likes, ect...

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Oh hey there! I'm JeJe nice to meet ya <3 ^^ The girl above is like ruining my life ok D////= I'm huge KPOP fan! My favourite bands are SNSD, B1A4, Ukiss, After School & Orange Caramel! I like many more but these are my top ones xD I have many bias hahaha
My hobbies are drawing and I guess singing! I love it <3 I also like editing, but I've had no inspiration lately! I love drawing Anime and realism ~ I have a weird thing of buying note books. Especially if they're cute *Derp* I also really love GIFS I don't know why, I just hunt for them all day haha :3 I have a kind and caring personality so I won't bite you if you wanna talk! I love Animals, dogs are my favourite Animal <33 One day I hope to learn the art of making pixel art!! It's so cute and I've tried and failed miserably D= My favourite colour is turquoise, teal, blue green (Yes, it's a colour xD) I also really like LOTR, The Hobbit (I'm really looking forward to BOTFA) Merlin, Doctor Who, Supernatural! They're just epic! Hahaha ~OK I'm just babbling here..Ahh if you want to be friends, add me <3 ^^

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My nickname is BMax, nice to meet y'all~
Let's see, I enjoy many things like obviously Anime. But I too enjoy drawing, listening to music. My favorite bands are Angels and Airwaves, Blink-182, NOFX, The Beatles, BABYMETAL, ClariS, Miku Hatsune, and that list can go on and on. I also like to go to karaoke and I do sometimes pretend I am an idol, haha. Right now I am in my 3rd year at art school majoring in Animation I also have a pet dog, and he's a golden retriever! (: He is adorable. Basic stuff, my favorite color is grey, I love pancakes, I watch t.v. shows like Breaking Bad, Bob's Burgers, Orange is the New Black and etc. Hope to hear more from you guys down the line!

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Playing video games
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Name: Kly
Likes: Video games, editing photos
Dislikes: Guys who dont die easily
Im just a weird kid who likes video games, anime, and the computer. Im gonna work towards being a graphic designer, and I really enjoy editing photo's so if you need somethin done, you are free to ask me. Im a fan of Halo anniversery, and Tekkenden. I use my dad's or mom's xbox to play xbox games, but i have my own PS Vita, DS Lite, and 3DS. I know how to play the bass guitar, some of the flute, and some of the piano. I can also. Despite wearing glasses from time to time, im not an A student. Im more of a trouble maker then anything. I also have a soft spot for roleplaying, and i am experienced so if you wanna roleplay, jingle me up. I like yaoi and yuri, not gonna hide it. I have watched over 150 anime series, so ask me for reccomends (i dont have any for sci-fi except for Level E). Im a big weirdo, but you get used to it over time. And dnt be afraid to add me, I dont bite. Hard. XD
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34 / M / Canada
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Hello my name is Ren, nice to meet everyone. I'm big fan of all kinds of anime, movies, series and manga also i collect comics and graphic novels for a hobby. I'm on a year off university break to look after my dad in the country, so i have some time to catch up on the newer shows and talk on fourms. I hope to meet some new and interesting anime fans who like to recommend or just chat about all sorts of their favorite anything. I think i'm a pretty laid back and easy going guy, after reading blade of the immortal again i want to get back into drawing pencil style manga. I have a passion for writing both full and short stories, since i was a teen i use to read alot and just kinda started from there, but yea kinda shy about it abit. Other than that i chill out after work with some gaming xbox live, and checking out Crunchroll on the other tv or laptop if i'm watching more than one. I have a German Shepard named Maximus and yea my music choices are all over the place from heavy metal, classic rock, anime and video game soundtracks, instrumental classical, and anything with a nice sound i suppose. So yea looking forward to new season of the Walking dead and sons of anarchy, my fav food? hmm prob bbq steak n baked potato.
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