Minecraft PS4 has dropped
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Posted 9/5/14 , edited 9/5/14
I was surprised by the release as it was supposed to be later in the month. I purchased it as a first time player. Any tips?
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dig a hole for yourself in survival mode when being hunted by zombies
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Love it!
Make a wheat farm (by punching tall grass) and kill spiders for string, so you can make a fishing rod. Now you have a steady and self-sustaining food supply!

Don't dig directly down! IF you do, you can fall down giant holes, lava, etc. If you absolutely have to dig down in a straight line, do so with two blocks, alternating between the two. When you get the hand of it it isn't much slower and it keeps you from dying (since you can see whats below you from the other block mined).
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Posted 9/7/14 , edited 9/7/14
Some tips? Okay.

1: As soon as possible, make a shelter. Do not yet care about the looks. Care more about its function. The looks are something you can care about later
2: Make axes, hoes(or something), pickaxes and other tools once the shelter is done. Chances are you probably did this while building a shelter, but I still put it here.
3: Now, establish a farm. To make it overkill, dig a straight line, 6 blocks long. In this hole you will fill it with water. Once done, use the hoe(or something) to create farm land, plant wheat and enjoy all the bread you get. After you bake it off course.
4: Now you can either focus on building a dream house, or explore the randomly created world. If you want to explore, gather coal, sticks, a furnace and a crafting table, plus the obvious tools: Pickaxe and shovel. Keep in mind that by this point you should have armor as well as a weapon, either a sword or a bow. And one other thing: NEVER DIG DIRECTLY DOWN! Otherwise you may fall down from great hights, breaking bones in the process, or end up as a crispy, burned snack. You don't want your avatar Steve to experience that. :(

The best tip out there: Do as you please. Play the game your way.
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I did that once, but digging straight up. Lava came pouring down on me, killing me, and burning all my stuff.
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"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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