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Posted 9/6/14 , edited 9/6/14
This is the first episode that has come out since I made this group, might as well make a discussion thread about it even though It probably won't get much attention.

Other discussions:

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The episode starts off with Masako showing her love for cosplay that was mentioned a few episodes back to Rurumo. Including a character who looks suspiciously like a certain popular Vocaloid character.

She makes plans for both of them to go to a cosplay event and lends rurumo a stack of DVDs to watch, but after Rurumo lets everyone else know about Masako's cosplay interest she gets upset and cancels going to the event.

Luckily they both meet up soon after and Masako realises Rurumo didn't mean any harm by letting people know, and they continue to do some cosplay together, all the while Masako is completely oblivious to the fact Rurumo is not actually cosplaying when she's in her witch outfit.

Then the second half of the episode drops that plotline and gets a bit too fanservicey after Rurumo's bra strap breaks
and she asks Masako about getting a replacement, which then ends up with nearly every girl at the school going shopping.

She's too embarassed to let Kouta know, and he ends up thinking she's ill or something so he tags along on the shopping trip only to be beaten down by the policewoman from ep 7 constantly.

Rurumo definitely has a crush on Kouta, it will be interestinng to see what happens considering if Rurumo wants to complete her training then it means her crush wil die...

Overall I liked the first half of the episode giving some character development to Masako, but the second half was pretty bad and overly fanservicey. Looks like next episode they go to a bathhouse or something, so it will proably be more of the same :/
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