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Posted 9/7/14 , edited 9/7/14

Orakuru Amusement Park (obviously fictional) was once a bouncing, popular park that drew many from across the area. Over time, although, the park lost it's shine, eventually leading to being shutdown altogether. Now, the abandoned park has been reopened, but only to a specific group of people.
Kiseki no Sedai has a mind of it's own, in which it's HQ clearly states. As a the new leader, Kiseki deserves a large and unique hideout that defines all that this gang stands for. Now that Kiseki has new leaders and a new (although not that been) HQ, the gang can get back on track, and attract new members. The more the number of members grow, the more likely we'll be heard.
  1. Problems/Questions/Concerns are consulted with either Jalal Angeles or Luke Garen.
  2. Everyone is unique in their own way; respect all members in our gang.
  3. No intruders allowed! Unless you have business with either leader, only members of Kiseki no Sedai are allowed here.
  4. Please don't break anything. The amusement park is pretty old, you guys.
  5. Do what you like. Other than these rules, you're free to do as you like.
Orakuru at Night
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Posted 9/7/14

Kiseki no Sedai Members
Jalal Angeles
Luke Garen
Second in Command
Saburo Gomakashi
Skylar Kisaragi
Alias Meister
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A L I A S ~ M E I S T E R

Alias was sitting on a bench that was covered by the shade, "Why does it have to be so hot?" She asked a rhetorical question while staring straight into space. She knows there's no one around so she doesn't need to care. In her mouth was a popsicle stick that she just finished. She looked up while feeling tired already due to the heat, she doesn't want to do anything. She just came back from a mission two days ago and she felt exhausted. She wondered where is everyone anyway? She hasn't seen any gang members since she came back, "Did something happen?" She asked wondering on that question herself. But that idea quickly disappeared in her mind as she knows if it was that important there would have been a gang meeting by now.
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