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Posted 2/22/15 , edited 2/22/15

Phersu wrote:

animegirl2222 wrote:

I used to have one, then I started being stalked by this bloke. So I felt like Tumblr wasn't safe. Nor my blogspot since she sought that out and stalked me there and my insta as well. Ruthless little chick needs some birth control to tone down dem hormones.

She basically invalidated me and told me I was something I wasn't. Shes' been a butthurt little bitch because I personally don't think her gender is actually "genderless", and I don't use her fake ass "pronouns', which are 1. made up, and 2. in the case of "it" are objective and literally not intended to be used for humans. What a little brat.

Zir? Zir's legit pronoun.

I find it odd that people consider it one, but to each their own. At least it's not "faeself", but this person actually isn't trans because she/they/whatever doesn't experience any gender disconnection / dysphoria and also diagnosed herself/themself with multiple mental illnesses which basically invalidates diagnosed people, and uses it to justify her/their poor choices and actions as supposed to just... admitting she's a crappy person.

The whole point is that the individual has bothered me though. And this whole fiasco of crapola started a year ago; January 2014. I must've really stroked a cord. and not a nice one.

she/whatever and I engaged in a fight about two characters in the Durarara!! fandom; basically, about two antagonistic guy characters and who was the worst, in our opinion
she raged at me, I raged at her
i had to explain why i liked my character and that i didn't approve of his crappy actions
we decided that because we were from the same fandom and seemed to share some similarities that we'd stop bickering, and became friends
i saw her as my "only friend" and told her too much about my personal life and mental issues and my emotionally scarring mother
she left me when i was extremely depressed with no explanation and that made me rage
i started acting like an ass towards her, this continued for a while
i tried to commit suicide in the meantime during the above because of my mental strife
i ended up getting hospitalized in may 2014 for pneumonia & a mental break
i get back and we go at it again
by this year she's diagnosed herself with around five mental illnesses, which i find to be disgusting and i tell her to stop
she doesn't stop
she essentially starts claiming to be "mentally ill" and "abused" to gain sympathy and also adds the neopronouns to her repertoire of special snowflake traits, and also uses some of the elements of the mental stuff i told her about on herself, which really makes me rage- recently she said she tried to allegedly 'jump out a window' & after i think i told her - during our "friend" stage of course - that trying to leap from a window was my first attempt at suicide, which really, really made me rage
she sought out accounts i desperately tried to hide such as my CR and my instagram and reported me here falsely, let alone multiple times in a forum. also, had the audacity to try and join a group that i mod and am particularly active in, to try + report me there.
has also called me a slew of nasty things and accused me of multiple things i haven't done.

she's just general scum who invalidates people's opinions if they don't fit her own. it ain't even about neopronouns anymore, it's about a weirdo who i want to go away, in this case, her or whatever she wants to be called.

tl;dr lesson: do not trust people on the internet with your friendship and sanity, do not let relationships escalate too quickly or else you might just end up causing your own demise

but yeah if the aforementioned former "friend" becomes an asshole and starts to harass you, then it's obviously not right
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Posted 2/24/15
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Posted 3/30/15
My blog is...

check it out!
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Posted 4/1/15
Well, I remade my tumblr, but it's mostly infighting and Anti Social Justice Warrior stuff.
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Posted 5/27/15
Tumblr is like my life
Animanga blog! 90% Naruto usually...
Posted 5/27/15
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Posted 6/12/15
Tried to create a tumblr account, gave up after 10 minutes of thinking "what the hell is this layout?! how do you do anything on here?!"
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Posted 1/24/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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