Idea for Two NEW Panels At Conventions : 1. Anime Lessons In Real Life 2. How To Get An Anime Body
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Hi Everyone.

I went to Anime Revolution in Vancouver in August and had a great time.
It's so nice to be surrounded by the energy and enthusiasm of fellow Anime afficionadoes.

While I was at the Con I was inspired by an idea for two Panels I've never seen at an Anime Convention.
I'll explain a bit what my thinking is behind them below.

The Heart of Anime : Anime Lessons In Real Life

I find that Anime is extraordinarily powerful storytelling.
The best Anime always has many important things to say about life, many important lessons to share with its audience.

So, I had the simple idea of a panel where examples of Anime saying something meaningful and deep about life are presented and discussed.

The panel could have one presenter, a pair of presenters, maybe a small group of presenters, each person sharing some moments from favorite Anime that they felt said something momentous about life.

After the presentation, maybe the panel could be opened up to the audience and con-goers could share a favorite meaningful moment from an Anime they love. Perhaps, con-goers could even share an experience they had in their own life that was directly influenced by Anime.

I think the Heart of Anime is a very apt title for this panel. It really is about the heart of Anime, the part of Anime that, I think, is what really grabs us Anime lovers and makes us such dedicated fans of the medium.

How To Get An Anime Body

Ok. This panel would be all fun!

There is an ongoing discussion about body type and being as true to character as possible when cosplaying. Well, let's face it, 99% of the Anime characters we roleplay as have beautiful, youthful bodies, with incredible 6 packs, impressive bosoms, and flawless features. There definitely is a reason why Anime is our fiction and our fantasy and our dreams. We aspire to this appearance. BUT, that said, love yourself for who you are, for you are limitless potential already.

BUT, that said, it is undeniable that a beautiful body is sure nice to look at and nice to have and be the recipient of the being looked at.

So : Enter this Panel!

Again, a presenter, or a couple of presenters can talk about how they got their Anime bodies.

Topics would include items like :

Working Out

- How many hours do the presenters spend working out every day?
- Do the presenters do a lot of running? Swimming? Cycling?
- Do the presenters favor lift heavy/few reps or lift light/many reps?
- Do the presenters use weights, machines, or just body weight for exercise?
- and many other questions.


- Do the presenters believe in cheat days?
- What percent of getting in shape is working out and what percent diet and nutrition?
- Is it possible to only eat McDonald's and KFC and still get in shape?
- Do the presenters follow the Paleo diet, Ketogenic diet. Atkins diet. High Protein diet. Vegetarian diet?
- and other questions.
After the presentation, naturally the floor would be opened up to con-goers to ask questions, maybe connect with the presenters and get some personal advice.

We all love the beautiful faces and bodies of our beloved Anime characters. Cosplaying as them is a celebration of the way they touch our lives.

Absolutely, Cosplay whomever you want, and forget about being perfect. It's the fun. It's the love of the character that matters.

BUT, that said, if you want to get in shape and look more closely like your favorite Anime character (especially considering 99% of them are nearly perfect), then this panel could be a real boon to any and all Anime Conventions.

So, what do you guys and gals think?
Cool panels?
Would you like to see them at your favorite Con?

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