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Kenichi Ending
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Posted 9/9/14 , edited 9/9/14
With them having just wrapped up a major battle that the whole series led up to, there's no way they can have a satisfying ending with just one more chapter. Unless it's an extra long chapter, then maybe.
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Posted 9/9/14 , edited 9/10/14

Hellstrom_Dragon wrote:

The "grand finale" chapter will have 24 pages, including some in color. The following issue will also have a "big announcement" about a new project.

I agree with some of the users about the ending based on that quote from animenewsnetwork :/ Well either way, I hope the new project we be great or troll us into a series that's still based in the world but I don't see that happening haha

I for one hope its a troll and the mangaka just makes kenichi into being a expert class fighter and has him fight masters so he himself becomes a master or something like that since ken has reached the level of " high class disciple " and if he gets any stronger he can't hold on to the title of strongest disciple since he will be labeled" expert class" therefore defeating the purpose of continuing the manga under that title
but this is all just my theory
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Posted 12/14/15 , edited 12/14/15
op nuked. locked
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