JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Dub Discussion (Who would you like to see?)
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Posted 9/8/14 , edited 9/8/14
So, I'm a big fan of dubbed anime. I'm also a big fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Now, a preview dub of the first 3 episodes of Stardust Crusaders premiered a while back, showcasing some of the currently cast English voice actors, who are as follows:

*Matthew Mercer as Jotaro Kujo
*Richard Epcar as Joseph Joestar
*Patrick Seitz as Dio Brando (DIO)
*Kyle Hebert as Noriaki Kakyoin
*Chris Tergliafera as Mohammed Avdol
*Julie Ann Taylor as Holly Kujo

My question for you all is what do you think of the current cast, and who else would you like to see in JoJo's English dub? This includes both Stardust Crusaders (which is getting dubbed first), and the first season, which comprised Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency. It seems rather obvious that, outside of possibly the very first episode, Dio will be voiced by Patrick Seitz throughout Phantom Blood, but otherwise, there's really no knowing who might show up.

My personal thoughts:

Originally, I had mentally cast Seitz in the role of Jotaro, and maybe Liam O'Brien as Dio (O'Brien played a clearly very Dio-inspired villain in the game Killer is Dead, which, ironically enough, starred Seitz as the protagonist). However, I really, really like Matthew Mercer's take on Jotaro, more so than my original idea of Seitz playing him. Seitz's Dio is a little strange to me, but that's probably just because of how amazing and iconic the Japanese VA is, and I still think he give a really good performance (but hey, when doesn't he?).

I'd never really heard of Richard Epcar before, and his delivery does seem a little forced, but that should improve with time, and it's probably due in part to the way a lot of the dialogue in JoJo is written. I think the TONE of his voice is pretty much perfect for the role, his execution just needs refinement.

Kyle Hebert always does a bang-up job in whatever role he plays, and this was no exception. He succeeded in making flesh-bud-possessed Kakyoin really creepy, and yet, once the bud was removed, he seemed likable and relatable.

Chris Tergliafera is another actor I'd never heard of before (in fact, I didn't even know his name until I started writing this post), but his delivery is fairly good, and I really have no objections to his performance as Avdol, other than that I think at least a slight foreign accent would improve it. In English, Avdol sounds kind of strange with a straight American accent.

Julie Ann Taylor is fine as Holly, no problems there, and she doesn't exactly show up after these three episodes, so I'll move on.
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