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CR Groups (not to be mistaken with forums)
Posted 9/10/14

the_five_headed_dragon wrote:

To put it easier, the groups are cold to me. It takes too long, and should be in chat format. its hard being social with someone who left 7 hours ago, do you catch my drift now?

And then theres the audience. Everyone gets all quiet ,. they'll be 300 people logged in, and it will remain inactive for 8 hours

real-time chat would eliminate this and make it more like the intimacy of a phone conversation.

Hello! We are always looking for new members to join our group ^^
We are very friendly =)
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Posted 9/10/14
o you want a real time chat group on cr? cr was moving in that direction early in it's legal stages. it had a real time notification bar at the bottom of the screen but after 2 weeks, there were to many bad critisism and was removed. it made everything laggy.

i can see an experiment where they insert a real time chat service like they did in most pirated anime site back in the days, that might be fun where you can live chat people who are watching the same episode as you are.

i think they above idea if added would suite your needs, but i am sure you want a chat service in place for group. but i think that, that itself is quite chaotic.

for any of this to happen they will have to bring back real time notification.
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Posted 9/10/14 , edited 9/10/14
And she deleted her account. Odd.
Dutch Moderator
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Posted 9/11/14

Hairbelly wrote:

And she deleted her account. Odd.

Indeed, odd.

I am going to close this one as a result of the deletion.
Should anyone however want to discuss the suggestion further, feel free to open a new topic.

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