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Post Reply Crunchyroll got what they wanted
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Posted 9/15/14 , edited 9/16/14
Roku at this point doesn't care if it's broken . They are just pointing the finger back at CR , even though they approved it . Heck , the post I created on Roku is even getting some negative responses , claiming CR users a bunch of crybabies how got what they wanted & now cannot watch their "cartoons" . But still crickets from Crunchy .
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Posted 9/16/14 , edited 11/1/14
It's probably useful to remember that CR was originally a site that made money by hosting illegal fansubs, with no compensation to the content creators or even the fansubbers.

It's still run by the same people. They just found a method less likely to land them in federal prison.

Do the math. I'll warn you, though, that the calculation gives a very negative result.
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Posted 9/17/14 , edited 9/17/14

There does come a point, though, there there isn't anything left to say. Even when a situation is being dealt with. We know the first batch of fixes/improvements is being worked on, so what else could they tell us at this point?

Sometimes being in a customer-facing role puts you in a no-win situation in times like these. As if you say nothing you get blasted but if you say anything other than "Yay, all fixed" you still take flak

I think this is the reality of the situation at this point. I've had some pm's with bjbaker and lugiamania and they know people don't like the new app. I think they're just trying to do what they can in a crappy situation. I think that's why bjbaker and sailorbee are towing the company line on Crunchyroll's "vision" for its apps. They can't come out and say, "We hear you. This thing is awful. But the VP's won't budge on this and we're sticking you with a sub-par experience."

It's ironic that Crunchyroll used to be a pirate fansub site, and now they're pushing their users to those sites for the sake of their app "vision."

I'm sure they've run some calculation that says the money they'll lose over this app is less than what they have to pay developers to maintain device-specific apps (Quality be damned!) and that's all that matters to them.

The only thing they could say at this point that would make us happy would be something like, "We're making the old app available again." I'm not holding my breath while I wait for that announcement.
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