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Posted 9/10/14
Any chance for see in crunchyroll the second season?

The series are ver good.

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Posted 11/26/15
I enjoyed the first season, although it was a little frustrating that they seem to hold the relationship aspect in the same place. There have been a few detective shows like this in the US. "Remington Steele" (Pierce Brosnan's big break) and "Moonlighting" (Bruce Willis' big break) come to mind. There is a lot of friction and banter between the leads, but shown in a way that conveys attraction underneath the conflict. Creating this is tricky, because if it's not done well, it can quickly feel like the writers are just playing the viewer. It has to be "real".

The first season largely pulled this off for me. In a few cases, it felt s little arbitrary, but generally it worked. The second season really didn't do it for me. There is a character change, and it just doesn't really manage to recapture the magic.

The mysteries in the second season are ok, and I stuck with it for that aspect. But if it weren't for the hold-over positive feelings from the first season, I probably would not have stuck with it.
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